What’s stopping you?: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

What’s stopping you?: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale


You have a dream of taking over the world (for good).
You see yourself being a global icon.
You want to be a force to be reckoned with.
You want your brand to be a household name.

All of this is good but it must not stop here. Many people have potential but only potential is not enough. If you don’t push on your potential, you may still keep dreaming at 60! Potential is a proof that you have what it takes to be great but it won’t take you to that height by just  knowing you have potential.

I’ve been talking about STRATEGY for a while now and some of you will wonder;

“What’s with this guy and strategy?”

I’ve come to realise its importance for the future. Why? Because Strategists are usually the first set of people to arrive at the future.

There’s a time to make a choice in life. Everyone should have made that choice few years ago but we didn’t. Now it will cost us a little more.

You want to be a business mogul but you can’t write a proposal!
You want to be a strategist but you can’t think in your own!
You want to be a public speaker or consultant and you’re not keen on education!
You want to get married but you can’t feed two people!

Its time to branch out of mediocrity. Its time to take life seriously. Its time to gain momentum. Its time to break that ice. Its time to rip off that obstacle. Its time to believe you can. Its time to make it happen!

Don’t wait for anyone. Time is passing before you. You’re growing older with every heartbeat. Stop thinking you’re still young.

The world needs global solution providers. To become one, you must defy limitation, logic and sense. You must have the eye to see ‘visibility’ in ‘invisibility’.
You must be able to think out a solution even in the heat of problem….and fast too!

I have just one command for you today…and this is it.


the world is accelerating so fast you’d be surprised how far behind you will be when you take a second to catch your breath.


The greatest capital you have is TIME! Make the best use of it…TODAY!

If you have questions, goto the contact session and let’s talk.

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord,

Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
Development and Empowerment Strategist.
Bbm: 795B8887

*Except otherwise stated, all writings are the inspirational product of the author.*


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