Reality of Christianity

Reality of Christianity.


Are you a Christian? Maybe yes.
But I must tell you that the most misunderstood word around in this age is the word “CHRISTIAN”. Just because
you attend a church doesn’t make you a Christian.
You see around people who claim to be Christians yet the things they do will make the Devil look good on the basis of comparison.
To be a Christian means you know Christ and you are so like the ‘Christ’ that its a common practise to mistake you for Christ. This means the things Christ did should not be far from you, and the things forbidden for him shouldn’t be mentioned or found around you.
You see someone call himself a christian and he drinks himself to stupor. You see someone who call herself a Christian and she dresses like a devil. You see someone
identify with Christ and you can’t differentiate an unbeliever
from such a person. Why are we deceiving ourselves? Or let
me put it in a better way…WHO ARE YOU DECEIVING?

The reason you are not yet a Christian is the same reason
you have not been able to do much with your life. It’s the
same reason you are confused about which way to go. Its
the same reason money distracts you from service. Its the
same way choosing a life partner becomes a herculean
thing for you. What do you think is wrong? What do you
think you’re not doing right?

When Christ sees a problem, he fixes it!
When Christ is tired but there’s still work to be done, the
work of the kingdom is more important that his siesta!
When Christ had to die to save mankind, he gave himself
How come Christians don’t have the character of Christ? Or
is there another meaning to Christian that am oblivious of?

Everyone CAN be a Christian, but not everyone WILL be a
Christian. The same reason everyone will not be a Christian
is the same reason everyone will not enter heaven. This
truth does not single me out of this statement. I am
inclusive just as everyone else.
We are missing something important in the Bible. Its what I
call PROCESS PROGNOSIS. Its a serious matter that’s
misleading many people.
You read a verse and you just claim it! Where did you see
such strategy?

“Many people want the glamour and glory of the crown without the responsibility of the crown. the kingdom doesn’t work that way!”
– Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.

If you don’t follow the due process in life, you will just
waste your stay on earth. There are spiritual laws,
processes, principles and strategies that you just must
engage before you advance. Although a times some
practise these things without knowing. That’s one of the
gifts of intuition God has given man. Its a previous gift for
those who know of it.

One I see a lot is “…whatever you bind on earth is bound in
heaven…” promise. Many people just rant on it without
seeing the reality dynamics of that scripture. You need to
be given a key before you can bind or lose. Peter did
something before Yeshua uttered that word to him.
Spiritual realities are essential to live on earth.

Joshua stopped the sun. Why has that act become scarce?
Had that gift died? No! The bible tells us in Revelations
that the two witnesses will have the very power to control
nature and elements at their command. You need to look
at what Joshua did before he trusted God and he spoke to
the sun. He didn’t need to fast or pray, he just made the
declaration. That’s the Christ-life am talking about. He
understood spiritual strategies and the place of total
obedience to God.

You need to know God to be a Christian…and I did not say
the “God” your pastor or leader tells you about. Joshua did
not wait on the God Moses talked about, he went out to
know God for himself. If you are not ready for consecration
and sacrifice then you are not ready to be a Christian. If
you’re not ready to pay the price then you are just kidding
If you think God is someone you run to to meet your
personal silly and selfish needs then you are still lost.

Immaturity in Christianity is not an excuse. If all you can
THIS AND THAT FOR ME…” Then you have no idea what
being a Christian is about.
Being a Christian is all about going before God to ask for
what he wants you to do. And if what he tells you to do may
involve you dying then you are happy with it. A Christian
who is afraid of death is a disgrace to the kingdom. You
need to count everything as loss for the kingdom if only
that will be a gain for the kingdom.
Many people are roaming blind because they have not seen
God! If you have seen God, the encounter ought to change
you forever.

I will end with this:
If you have not seen God then you have not started your
Christian walk. But take heed to what claims to call itself
god to you. If its truly God, it won’t go against what’s in the

A Son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

*Except otherwise stated, all writings are the inspirational product of the author.*


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