Nigeria: a blessed nation.

You are as blessed as you choose to act.


Action they say speaks louder than words. It has come to my notice that many people love to be spectators. The only time we show initiative is when others show initiative, and the moment they seem so fast and we seem not to be able to catch them, we fade into oblivion and go back to status quo. This is the story that I see all around. I see people rise to take a cause and people celebrate them. I am not saying that’s bad, its actually good…but its not so good.

Nigeria is a blessed nation (believe it or not, that’s your cup of tea). What the people need is to awaken to the “blessedness” in this nation. I once heard that Nigeria has enough bitumen to tar all the roads in Africa but we still have the plague of bad roads in Nigeria. I have said this before and I will say it again. Nigeria is not the problem, the problem is with the Nigerians in Nigeria. The day we take full responsibility for the ills of the nation is the day we begin to move forward. The day we begin to dish out solution instead of spotting problems is the day Nigeria begins the journey to prosperity. The day we work together without bias of any kind is the day we experience blissful freedom.

Let us choose to do beyond “talking and talking” and let us start to “act and act”. Lets act out what we say then a new dawn will beckon on Nigeria as a nation. Do you realise the power in positive confessions backed up with actions and discipline? Give it a try and tell me the difference.

The interesting thing about Nigeria is that You just need one person to change then that person to change the person beside him or her. The person who starts that change could be you. Wait a minute….,THAT PERSON IS YOU! It takes one (WO)MAN to catch the vision of change and infect the next person with the power of that change. When this happens, it births a movement of a people with a common vision, same aim, united voice, concentrated actions, astute unity and potentiation of so much power that cannot be destroyed…except someone backs out. A chain is as strong as its weakest point.

The reason why Nigeria seems not to be moving forward is because someone somewhere isn’t living the life of an ideal Nigerian. The ideal Nigerian is blessed, beautiful, smart, skillful, honest, hearty, successful, secure, rich, responsible, loyal, literate, and everything good you can think of. Its not a fairy tale, its a tale that has been lost in time- a tale of an ideal Nigerian. This idealist sense should show in what you say, what you think, and how you act.  Nigerians can rekindle the fire of hope by thinking good, speaking good and seeing good. I did not say it will be easy…but I dare to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE.

You can be that man who starts the process of rebranding Nigeria as a blessed people. You can be that woman who shines the global spotlight on Nigeria for good reasons. It depends on what you do now! What you do today, what you do everyday from today.

How do you start?
You don’t need money to start. You don’t need connections to start. You don’t need positional power to start. Funny enough, you already have what you need to start. Its right UNDER YOUR NOSE!

it’s your mouth!

You start the process by thinking the blessing, speaking the blessing and you will find yourself doing the blessing. You can’t bless something and you will not be blessed back. Its a spiritual principle. Why do you think givers never lack? “…there is one that scatters and yet increases.” When you expel blessing upon Nigeria from your mouth, blessing will come right back to you.

I will end with this;
Let’s help build greatness out of Nigeria. It starts with your mouth.

A Son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.
Spiritu-mental Development and Empowerment Strategist.

*Except otherwise stated, all writings are the inspirational product of the author.*


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