Overcoming death: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Overcoming Death.


What is death?
Who is death?
Where is death?
Why must people experience death?

A dictionary defines death viz:
> The cessation of life and all associated processes; the end of an organism’s existence as an entity independent from its environment and its return to an inert, nonliving state.

>(often capitalized) The personification of death as a hooded figure with a scythe; the Grim Reaper.

>(the death) The final part of something.

Death is an experience in itself but if I must say, it has been given much more popularity than it deserves.

Death doesn’t exist without the knowledge of life. This is because there is no way death can be described or defined without a direct or indirect association to the definition or description of Life.
So what does this mean?

It simply means death is everything that exists outside life. It is just like darkness which is nothing real but the absence of light. Death is the absence of life but the point of argument in today’s session is;

Can life really end?

The reason why Death is associated with evicted life is because for one reason when Life transports from one dimension to another, the observer of the essence of Life cannot follow the trajectory of Life through the portal Into the new dimension Life presently is. To this end, the ignorance of the nature of life is what is defined as death. Life in itself cannot die, however, it’s essence can move depending on the command or cause in effect responsible for its motion to or from a certain vessel.

The personality of Death is therefore a command that has the ability to cause the movement of the essence of life out of a vessel, but the movement of life out of a vessel does not kill or destroy the essence of life itself For life cannot die. What is therefore needed is information of the state of life in the other dimension, once we can obtain this information then death is put to shame. (note: this has nothing to do with clairvoyance or necromancy. Please be warned!!)

The objective of this session is therefore to give the understanding that the personality of death is usually overrated by mortal men who cannot see beyond a fraction of the optical spectrum.

During the time of Jesus on earth (when he was in the flesh) he showed his disciples the power of life without giving a grand bloated touch to death.

So the way you see death will determine if it has power over you or not.

When you behold the Resurrection and the Life – Jesus the Christ, you will never die. If your gaze is fixed on the light, you will never see darkness. When your life and spirit is flooded with light, your heart will never be in darkness.

To be continued…

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord,
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

*Except otherwise stated, all writings are the inspirational product of the author.*


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