God mathematics : #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

God mathematics: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.


Many people may think me sentimental but if you have been a loyal mentee then you will know how vague and wrong that inference is. Although I studied physics with electronics in university but I have always been a lover of science.

I recall the day I went for Speakers Corner in lagos in the month of July. I was fortunate to see Leke Alder live! There was a certain question I asked him – although not during the program (the technicality of that question is way beyond the comprehension spectrum of many humans so it would do me no good to ask such in the presence of people)

This particular question goes back to the Genesis of Genesis, it was a question about a choice, the power of such a choice and the effect of the events that may result from such a choice.

I thought about it:
Is it possible for any human to have the power to unthink and therefore go to the moment before the very first choice. The solution to this mathematics will be in eternal power or degree.

The easy quadratic equation is to the second degree, to this equation you have minimum of two and maximum of four variables.
Let us come to the equation of reality, principles and results, imagine that every action of ours had an equation somewhere in the cosmos. Imagine that every human has an equation of choice and results a constant equation but with different results depending on the variables that are entered.

Let me make this clearer…
When Adam was created, YHVH (GOD) gave him his equation (gen 1:26-28). The very first test God gave Adam was passed. At that time it could be almost concluded that Adam knew his purpose and understood his equation and the nature of the variables he had to insert Into his equation (gen 2:19-20a), however when the exam came Adam did not perform according to expectation. To this end, it showed that there was something missing in the understanding of his purpose equation or how to apply it the right way. He passed the test (in the presence of the Teacher – YHVH) but he failed the exam (in the absence of the Teacher- YHVH)

One of the thing every mathematician will tell you is that the bigger the degree of an equation, the more difficult it would seem to make random changes. A small change would change the outcome in a completely new phase or way. This is what we need to understand in the equations of life. Life equations are not quadratic in nature neither are they simple polynomials its a whole lot more complex than that. So when the mistake was made by Adam, it took many centuries, eons, generations and seasons to physically alter the effect of the result.

Adam made the mistake so Adam had to be the one to find the solution to the mistake that was made. This is where the second Adam comes in.

Jesus came as a man to rectify the problem that was caused and not just that.. He came to offer us a lasting solution to a very high degree beyond what we can imagine.

The thing is.. Don’t try to decipher this equation of correction through Jesus, the truth is that not everyone can understand them because the analysis of the mystery of the mathematics of God is one of the exemption principles that we don’t have the right to question YHVH on why he chooses to do whatever he does.

The simple thing you should get if you do not get everything in this #iMentor session is to understand that the quantum nature of celestial events is hard for a canal mind to see through.

Finally, this is the gospel, The first man made a mistake, but with that, YHVH still loves him and he has created a path to redemption through the Last Adam to bring all of mankind back to the prime equation of man’s purpose.

May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened,
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale
Mail : Harkheindzelkenny@gmail.com
BB : 795B8887
Twitter : @Harkheindzel

*Except otherwise stated, all writings are the inspirational product of the author.*


2 thoughts on “God mathematics : #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

    • I hope you were able to comprehend it. It’s technicality would dampen in time. It just seem so for now because many hearts have not been opened to such a perspective of reality or insight.

      Thanks for the comment.

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