A lost generation cannot build a nation.

A lost generation cannot build a nation. By Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.


(pic from http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/features/culture/tv-review-the-lost-generation/414847.article)

Nation building is not a hobby! It’s a mandate. The reason why it seems like nothing stringent is being achieved is because of the state of the populace.

I have been a herald for change for a while now – most especially change in our ‘spiritu-mental’ awareness. I think this gospel seems too hard to swallow because of the prevailing state of our people’s mind. The fallen state of humanity is always a surprise to me. What is more of a surprise is that even when the veil has been ripped in Twain, our people still choose not to go through that veil and experience what freedom really is.

“think outside the box” is a fallacy that keeps entrapping our pseudo-intellectual stratum in the society. The truth is…. THERE IS NO BOX!!
The more we envision a box somewhere in our panoramic scope of freedom then it means we are still in the box. This box was cooked up by “He who shall not be named” to keep humanity running in circles. They are running so they think they are working. But the situation remains that they keep expending energy that yield no fruit! Inasmuch as there is no fruit, then there is no development.

I was at Olabisi Onabanjo University yesterday and my heart melted when I heard our youths discussing about their nation. They concluded and I quote;

“This Nigerian will never be good. Let’s just get there and take the money too”

Imagine the future we are fighting for, the future leaders of the nation have no plans to build the nation. To this end, I believe more work needs to be done.

The moment we don’t redeem this lost generation then we may as well be fighting a lost battle. A LOST GENERATION CAN NEVER HAVE VICTORY BECAUSE THEY DO NOT DESIRE IT.

But I am not a part of the lost generation. Those who are working on building this nation are not part of that lost generation. we must therefore influence the lost ones by making them to see the light! We need to stir up hope in their spirit. So that even against all hope, they can cling to hope.

No one said nation building will be easy. But as Fela DUROTOYE always says; “it may not be easy, but it’s going to be fun.”
It’s time to take the challenge and join the alliance of nation Builders and give it all it takes to build this nation.
It takes one candle to stir up hope on unlimited illumination. Have the courage to light your candle. It is then that you will realise that they are so many people around you who also have candles but were too scared to light it, ignorant on how to light it, too weak to light it. A single act can awaken a whole nation. Don’t downplay yourself. You don’t need so much to revive a nation.

David had five smooth stones, but he used just one to defeat Goliath of gath. You may be the one holding that stone to slay the giant killing the hopes of this nation!

Go get your sling and fire! Shootout! Your stone is heading for the cranium of the giant.

I believe in your future, let’s make it happen together.
You can, you must and together we will, DELIVER THE FUTURE.

“My name is Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale, and I am a Nation Builder.”


May you always walk in the faith of the LORD,
Twitter : @Harkheindzel

©2014 by Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.


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