From HUman to GODman.

From HUman to GODman. By Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.


(NB: the canally minded won’t understand anything about the content of this post. You have been warned.)

Genesis 1:1 has always been the crux and the universal empirical set of all time  creation and all beginnings. It embodies the two great grids – the realms of heavens and the realm or earths. (yes! Earths)

The Bible, only has its fulcrum on one side of that grid – the Earth! Though there are exceptions here and there where the heavens and it’s activities were revealed to people but majority of people don’t share that opportunity. To this end, people who have the upper hand in revelations/insights or divine appointment were deemed fit to lead the other nominal ones.

**This is a sensitive case which requires astute minds to adequately decipher its progressions and pattern.**

The revelation of the earth is for HUman(s) while the revelation of the heaven is for GODman(s).

The first Adam was made to rule the earth. And to this end, his seed needs to have a blueprint on how that can be done. This is where the Bible comes in, the Bible is the basic instruction manual to effectively operate on earth. Many people have seen this as a herculean task which requires so much blood and sacrifice. It has been so until the Son dawned on the horizons of the earth. (yes! You got that right. The Son)

The advent of the last Adam ushered in greater dominion humanly possible. He showed us a new way of life. He is the door, the way, the truth and the everlasting light! His coming was to show us what to do and how to do.

Jesus taught his disciples the principles of faith. The very thing that would change our dimension and plain from thinking like HUman and help us to begin to act as GODman.

Jesus eroded the generational stronghold of sin consciousness and gave us the law of liberty – the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus!

Jesus made it clear that a canal mind cannot understand his teachings, to this end, Humanity needs to be reborn into Godmanity. And this is the whole essence of his coming.

The sin at inception made Adam human, now the grace through Jesus makes us GODman again. I am not talking about the angelic code of conduct or the laws that govern the angelic realm, I am talking about the law that will make us see what we are meant to see. When YHVH (God) tore the veil at the death of Jesus on the cross, it was more than a physical significance… It’s first spiritual before physical.

If heaven is our home, then we ought to know about heaven. I know we are coming back to reign on earth, but we will all pass through the heaven.

We know of the universe, but we actually have a multiverse of aeons and dimensions not possible for HUman to peek. But the GODman can! They were all created by YHVH (God) himself.

The wisdom of Job, revelations of John and the revelations of Paul (I didn’t say the book of revelations of Paul!) are a few who have been able to understand the identity of the GODman. I believe Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) is willing to show these hidden mysteries to people but it profits little to you if you remain a human. The value of this information, revelation and enlightenment can only be put to use by a GODman.

Come up.!! Come up hither! This is the call we all need to rise up to!

Let’s leave every weight that besets us and strive for the higher calling, fellowship and koinonia. We really can’t optimise our purpose without it!

May you always walk in the faith of the LORD,
Twitter : @Harkheindzel

©2014 by Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.


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