SYMPTOM INDICATOR: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.


Well, things have not been the way we have hoped. I believe we did not plan for all the rancor we are experiencing globally right now. But this is the reality on the physical plane and something needs to be done about it.


This particular post is something I have penned down a few months ago, but I believe this is a good time to publish it. If we take a look at the prevailing situations, circumstances and happenstances in our nation and even globally then we will know that if nothing is done to resolve the problem now then they are just tips of the iceberg waiting to unleash with full alacrity.

I am here to report the truth, many people may find it difficult to assimilate but that doesn’t change the fact that it is the truth.

Our major problem is the way we approach problems. We Many people are so shallow minded and myopic, well you can’t blame them can you? Well, yes! We can!

We have been addressing the wrong thing all along. And this will continue to be a waste of strength if nothing is done about our approach.

We have been going for the symptoms and not the problem.

Imagine you have headache as a result of a fever, if you go on to treat the headache then you have not cured the disease. But if you cure the fever, the headache will naturally go.

The symptom is not the real problem, it is just an indicator that there’s a problem. Don’t fight the symptom, let it lead you to the true problem.

Many people spend money and resources to battle a symptom when they should be focusing on the problem.

Ok, let’s come to Nigeria, we have been making the news for a while back. We have issues with
Terrorism etc are all symptoms.

So what is the source of the symptoms?

Now that’s the right question to ask because that is the only thing that will lead us to a solution.

I have this example for you:

Imagine there a water spillage from a pipe. The effect of the problem is evident. There’s water everywhere!!
If it persists… ,
it could cause a flood,
cause a hitch in transportation,
cause security issues,
disease propagation,
affect agricultural produce and so on.

What I have mentioned are the effects to the cause.
What we are doing as a nation is to raise a committee to address and solve the security issue,
solve the agricultural impediment,see to the flood, create a road diversion to solve transportation hitch, and so on. This is not the right approach.

It may seem like something is being done but this will never take the problems away.

So let’s face it,
The president is not the problem of this nation,
Bokoharam is not the issue, (Bokoharam is not a person by the way, it is a mindset.)
church failure is not the problem,..

All these are just effects to what has caused the problem. In the illustration I gave, the solution is to find the broken pipe and fix it. The moment it’s fixed, the problem will be fixed.

According to my belief, you cannot fight a spiritual battle physically and expect to win. The real thing is that, what we are facing globally is not physical, so we shouldn’t just wrestle it physically.

“For our wrestling IS NOT against FLESH and BLOOD, but AGAINST the PRINCIPALITIES, against the POWERS, against the WORLD’s RULERS of the DARKNESS OF THIS AGE, and AGAINST the SPIRITUAL FORCES of WICKEDNESS in the HEAVENLY places.”

Therefore there’s no way we can win if we protest from now to tomorrow if we don’t first sort out the spiritual authorities and powers at the crux of the problem. It is after we have dealt with the spiritual realm that we will be given instructions we need to obey in the physical plane to see the victory.

Well, with all my intelligence research and investigation (and from a very reliable source) I have come to know where the pipe that spilled the water is, and that will be the solution to all these effects causing us to experience so much entropy, cacophony, chaos
and chide.


As short as this clause is, this is what is causing all the problems in this world today. The fear of the Lord has been lost and done away with. The serpent is striking because the hedge has been broken!!

We do not have the fear of the Lord, our decisions portray this truth. Our educational policies, economic reforms, social norms, etc show that we lack the fear of God as a people.

The ONLY solution we have is to Fear God. Take it or leave it.

If the world can adopt this solution, we will begin to see instant change, until them, we may keep struggling with the symptoms if it gives us a sense of fulfillment or purpose but it will not take us anywhere good.

Reporting for Harkheindzel Initiative,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


3 thoughts on “SYMPTOM INDICATOR: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

  1. Hi there! This post could not be written any better!

    Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate!

    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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