The price for what’s right.

The price for what’s right:


Something happened today and I will like to share it with this community.

I was going out today preparing for a project at hand. I boarded a cab, the car had moved before I realised that a passenger was smoking in the cab.

People were covering their noses but they didn’t talk. It just didn’t feel right with me. Smoking is something I don’t like. There’s nothing good about it.

I had to call the car to a halt at the next bus stop. I paid the driver and took another cab which was smoke free.

This is what I need you to get from this short illustration. It was clear that everyone in the cab did not like the idea of inhaling such a smoke so early in the morning. (everyone except the driver – because he was having a platonic conversation with the smoker. Seems they know each other.)

No one cautioned the driver or smoker or made any move to change their environment. This is the problem we face daily. Many people see what’s wrong but they fail to caution it. They tolerate it and eventually give the situation the permission to grow worse.

It’s time to wake up and do what’s right. It cost me more because I practically had to pay double for where I was going but one thing remained intact – my Honour!

The right thing cannot to expensive. Price should not be an option for what’s right.

I hope you gain a thing or two from this.

Enjoy your week,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


One thought on “The price for what’s right.

  1. Let’s keep doing what’s right! We may start alone initiative, but soon our bravery will inspire others to stand!

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