Convictions : #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

Convictions: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.


Happy new month, I trust this year is going as you planned? If not then I suggest you do a little spring cleaning and audit of your life.

You need to know where you intend to be, know where you are presently, know what you need to get to where you intend to be, then know what is stopping you from moving to the place of your intentions. If you can be truthful with yourself and be Frank, stern and honest, then I believe you can start gaining momentum in your desired direction.

Today’s #iMentor session is going to be short. But I assure you its very important. In my few years of mentoring and developing people, I have noticed one thing that’s responsible for their results (good or bad).

It’s found in the word “CONVICTION”.

You know that feeling you have when someone tries to market something to you. You have no idea what the product is but you buy it all the same. When you get home to test it, you find out that you don’t like it. Funny enough, you may even have something at home that can do the same thing as what you just bought. It ends up as a wasted investment. Well you don’t need to fall for that again once you learn to master the skill am about to tell you.

CONVICTION , INTUITION or COGNITION? You can call it whatever you like. This is a skill you need to master in order not to find yourself at the receiving end of unneeded baggage of life.

Every human has conviction but it needs to be developed. It’s a quality you need to possess to be successful in life. This will help you know when and where to invest your resources. Resources may include;




Assistance, etc.

In short, anything that comes from you is your resource, And you need to know how to use them judiciously and sagaciously.

Let me use myself as an example.
Something happened yesterday on twitter, lots of people were protesting for a cause. Then someone initiated the idea that tweeps should use a black avatar to signify the dark times we are living in. The initiator of this move is a very responsible and respected personality. In fact he indirectly mentors me on life issues.
But as I was about to change my avatar into a black background, I just didn’t feel a peace in my spirit. Then instantly my conscience spoke to me and said ;

“Hark, that’s not for you.”

It was simple and clear. I heard it just once and that instruction gave me instant peace.

With this came a flood of revelation in my spirit. Now let me be clear, making my avatar black is not a bad idea. Those who are doing it are not wrong either. But for me, it was not just connecting with me.
I did not have the conviction to go on with it. So I left my avatar the way it was and continued my life.

So what’s the point of all of this you may ask.
Well, the point is that, there are times in life we join the band wagon because that’s where the majority is trending. But we need to realise that we are not all going in the same direction in life. We all have different callings, mandates and assignments so going the same way (without conviction) is not the best idea for our destinies.

This is what we need to do, when people are rushing or doing something in vogue. Stay back for a moment and ask yourself.

Is this meant for me?

Are we all going the same way?

Is the eventual outcome going to be what I hope it would?

Is my mind at peace with this decision?

The moment you don’t get a concrete response in your heart, then give it time until you are convinced.

If used the right way, it will save you lots of regrets, traumas and chaos in the end.

That would be all for today.

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord.

Your iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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