#BringBackOurGirls rattles global media.

It’s been a couple of weeks of waterworks, tears, anger and mixed feelings. Terrorists kidnapped about 234 young girls from their school. Few people have claimed that’s some of the girls have escaped but we still awaiting a trustworthy visual evidence of this claim.

The Nigerian people are not at ease, many of them have taken to the streets to make their intentions known. They challenge the leadership’s accountability as regards actions bring taken to bring back the girls from the grasp of these evil men.

Honestly, nothing comforting has come from the leaders, the Nigerian people want to know what is being done but to this point (as at the time of this post) nothing concrete has been heard from the presidency.

It’s no more news, international news and broadcasting corporations have broken this news to the global audience. Celebrities are lending their voices, concerned global citizens are showing their sympathy. The world seems to care more about this happenstance than the Nigerian leaders. Even if they care, they are not showing it.

This is a national disaster, it’s abysmal and downing. The lives of these girls are in our hands. How we choose to act can say a lot about the fate of these girls.

To this end, we explore every well meaning people to raise their voices and confront the accountability of those responsible for the situation.

Affected mothers are wailing, fathers cannot hold back their tears. This is not good in every way for Nigeria.

A lot of work is being done via platforms and media to bring people together to find a solution to this impediment! Lives are at stake. These girls can be great in future but they need to be saved and found at the present!

Let’s do this together! Let’s fight for the lives of these girls. Let’s challenge the authorities to #BringBackOurGirls. We need to be brought up to speed with this event.

Updates to come soon.


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