Wealth Transfer : Advanced #iMentor session with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

The secrets of wealth transfer belongs to those who grow the capacity to handle it. #iMentor

WEALTH TRANSFER – Introduction to Advanced #iMentor session with Harkheindzel Kenny O.


Lasting wealth transfer does not come in a day. It takes years of tenacity and astute resilience and obstinacy to ones vision. No matter the storm or the tides. No matter the level of discouragement or persecution. No matter the level of opposition that arises. It doesn’t and can’t change the fact that this is a proven means of wealth transfer.


To maximise this secret, you must be ready to give it all it takes! I am not talking about wishful thinking, I am talking about making sure you are pre-cognitive and strategic with your actions and you must make sure you work with the best guys available. (talk about a league of extraordinary gentleman/ladies)

They don’t have to be the most expensive people out there, but they must show the constant will to improve and the potential to handle and forsee greatness. (these type of people are not so common so you must take along your discernment when on the quest for these breed of individuals)

After getting the vision in place and the right people with you, then you can be ready to dive into the uncharted territories of greatness and opportunities.


1. Find a very big problem and solve it:

Get a giant! Something others are scared to face, something everyone intentionally avoids, find such problem and go for it.
Don’t be stupid with it either, don’t go for a problem that will end up killing you. Before you venture into it, try to count the cost. Make sure you have what it takes to solve it.

What it takes could be a spark of genius.

A secret information that many people don’t know.

A certain way to easily solve the problem.

A strong divine backing.

A knowing (or drive) that you are at the brink of solving the problem.

2. Bring the rich life to the common man:

This is a vision that has worked over time. It’s happened again and again.

There was a certain king long ago by the name of Solomon, he was the son of a very valiant warrior. His father was one of the greatest kings that have ever lived. His father was King David.
During the times of King Solomon, he made a waste of gold. What I mean by this is that he made gold common. So common that it almost lost its value. Both leader and servant had access to gold. In all records, he was the most prosperous king that ever lived. This was because he understood this principle of wealth and greatness and he made the best use of it.

Another man we can all relate to is Bill Gates. He had a vision of bringing technology into every home and to everyone. This vision has made him one of the richest men in the world. He understood this and worked towards making it a reality. As at the time Bill Gates caught this vision, a computer was not a common commodity. Only large corporations could afford or use it. But now the story has changed and he’s got lots of money to show for it.

3. Solve a problem that never ends:

This is a little dicey. You will understand this in a bit. There are some things that may never end, things such as poverty! So make it your duty to constantly work on making the lives of people better and raise them from the pond of poverty is another way to rise to greatness.
Let me just point out that this is not a child’s play, it requires hours of constant research and sacrifice to make this happen. IF YOUR MIND IS ALWAYS ON THE MONEY, YOU WILL NEVER BE GREAT! But if your passion is to make the world or the people better then you’ve got a chance to find this path of greatness.


1. Financial management:

What’s the essence of making money if you don’t know how to channel it. Many people don’t know how to spend money, that’s why they remain poor. If you are not skilled in financial management, then you need to employ someone to consult you on money matters.

2. Contingency branches:

Google is a corporation that’s ever rising because they know how to envision the future. It takes skill to own an empire. You cannot last in the game of monopoly if all you invest in is a street. The ultimate goal should be to be at the top of it all. And this can be done when you have the mind of getting applicable branches that will integrate in the future to become a big empire.

3. The right people:

Atimes its not just about the skill or the talent. You also need to look at the passion of the individual. Where does the loyalty of this individual lie? In 10years time, will this person still be here? Only people who are committed to a vision can remain. So build up loyalty in your people.

To be continued…

This is a creative property of Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale. Any usage without the knowledge of the writer is prohibited. All rights reserved.

*Harkheindzel Initiative*

Your iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale.


One thought on “Wealth Transfer : Advanced #iMentor session with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

  1. sir …I am curious weneva I digest ur writings..I am someone dats sees maself as a wealth creator in d future…Hw do I move from confession of my faith to actualizing ds dream

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