#GlobalIntercession week 4

#GlobalIntercession week 4


He that l digs a pit will fall into it. Every workers of evil begins to fall into their snare!

The plans and devices of the enemies of the peace and prosperity of this nation begins to fall in the day!

The hand of YHVH rises against all evil.
The Sword of justice goes into the house of the wicked. Their blood will wash the streets and their cry will not be heard. If they choose not to repent and come to the Lord, confess and seek his mercy.

Sceptre of righteousness will be erected! No profanity will stand around it..

And Ruach Adonai says “ki tov”!

Like the rivers that sweeps away so will all workers of evil be swept away

Ruach Adonai says,
” A time will come when death will not touch my people, the time of my power when the world will learn to fear me… Because of what I will do through my people.”


No matter what happens. The will of God will stand.
Now the big question is…
What is the will of God for this time and season? We
can obtain it through intercession.
We make power available with our prayers. Power to
make the wrong things right. The power to bring light
in the darkness.
Ki tov.

So much blood in the land. The seas take human life,
the earth drinks human blood, the air zaps humans
out, there is turbulence and chaos.
Let us not faint in intercession.

We will not fail, we will not fall, we will not faint! We
will go forward.


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