The quantum leap from Principles to Reality : #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

The quantum leap from Principles to Reality: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

The reality of principles is not as it is in the books. It comes with its variations and shifts


– Harkheindzel Kenny O.


Many times we read books or have first hand information on principles and outcome evaluation. But for those who don’t know yet – its not always as it is in the books.

The issues of life are plagued with the vibes of reality while the anatomy of principles shield this truth from us (most of the time).

Let me use myself as the guinea pig in this case. The first time I read about exorcism, it seemed all too easy. (don’t mind me, I can read very wide atimes). Exorcism seemed like a piece of cake. According to the books, all I just need to do is; when I sight a demon, I have to yell “In the name of Jesus!” Then the demons will automatically rout out with such precise alacrity. Well that was not the case the first time I had a showdown with a demon.

Here was a beautiful lady, all seeming too nice, very gentle as if she can’t drink a cup of water – trust me, she seemed that nice. But when the spiritual entity manifested, it was another ball game entirely. The nice lady suddenly had immense strength, an intimidating voice and a look that can make any gentleman run. (but am not a gentleman, am an ambassador of Christ!)

Everything did not end the first time I called the name of Jesus, so I needed to be sure of what I was doing. I couldn’t lose to a demon, it’s going to dent my image (-as a child of God) on the demon’s rap sheet.

Eventually, I got the demon out of the lady with the authority I have in the name of Jesus but things are not as they say in the books.

This is what we need to understand. Things don’t always follow the pattern of the book. Take a football match for example, the manager comes up and tells the players how the match should end, but when the players get on the pitch its another thing entirely. This is the difference between principles and reality.

This phenomenon has brought the effervescence of hope and faith from many people even though they had a great vision. They saw a great possibility and believed this will make them great. But when they show up on the plane of reality, they see a lot of randomness and happenstances which can jeopardise the outcome of the vision they had or saw.

This is where maturity is needed. This is where faith needs to come in. This is when the credibility of your vision comes under attack and the realistic outcome can only be determined by the holder of the vision.

This does not make the vision unreal or unreliable. It all has to do with how the person in question handles the variances to ensure the vision plays out just as expected.

When it comes to quantum mechanics or quantum science, the reality of an outcome has a lot to do with the observer. It is said “that all possible outcomes are simultaneously in play until they are in the view of the observer.”

This means that the observer is responsible for the fate or faith of the outcome. The probabilities are co-dependent on the psyche and rationale of the observer.

This is a complex thing to understand in a basic #iMentor session. But I want you to open your mind and understand this fact of life.

“Things don’t always go the way you plan”.

Every entrepreneur would know this to be true. It happens everyday in the field, on assignments, on milestones, goals and objectives. We need to understand how to differentiate principles from reality. Reality will demand more from us than the book proposes. It will require much heat, produce more friction, throw in lots on unforseen and impromptu stances. But we need to man up to the challenge. This is what makes victory delightful. If it was all about the books, everyone’s dreams would come true.

However, it is reality that separates the boys from the men, the chaps from the champions, the weed from the wheat.

Which side you belong to is not a matter of what you think or what you want to believe. It has all to do with what you have on your inside.

Finally, in order not to get too many surprises from reality. I would advice you as an #iMentor to invest a lot more on your inside than you do with the man outside.
Increase your mental capacity,
awaken your spirit,
engage the intelligence of your emotions,
master the art and science of precognition.

This will help you on the Long run.

Your #iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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