Leadership001: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.


1. As a leader, a times you need to show your people some initiative. #Leadership001

2. Many people are clueless… Even with their talents, they need you to show them what to do. #Leadership001

3. People get drawn to you for a purpose, they see a future in you. Don’t fail them. #Leadership001

4. Learn to identity those who will help you along the way. This increases your momentum. #Leadership001

5. The earlier you understand the secret in ‘Division of Labour’ the faster you grow. #Leadership001

6. As a leader, don’t make the mistake of thinking you are the smartest or best candidate. There is always another choice. #Leadership001

7. A leader must know how to manage people… And manage them effectively. #Leadership001

8. Sentiment, emotion, intimidation and such must not be given room in leadership. #Leadership001

9. Stand on your principles but not at the detriment of progress or eventual success. #Leadership001

10. Once your people lose trust on you, you are done for! Don’t give people the chance to doubt you. #Leadership001

11. Understand the grace factor. You are there for a reason.. Not to show your power! #Leadership001

12. A good leader listen to friendly counsel but he follows his heart. #Leadership001

13. Become someone easily approachable. Approachable yet very respected! #Leadership001

14. Give room for initiative from others. Once in a while give them the spotlight! #Leadership001

15. Engage the heart, head and hands of your people. Learn to keep this balance. #Leadership001

16. Engage them, empower them and excite them. Be a source of knowledge and inspiration to all. #Leadership001

17. Don’t exempt yourself in the process of feeding others. Take time off for personal development. #Leadership001

18. Hypocrisy is a no no! Don’t just tell me to work, work with them! Be involved. #Leadership001


19. Not every secret is to be taught or revealed. Take caution! #Leadership001

20. Expect the best from people but prepare for the worst. Never be caught off guard. #Leadership001

21. Once you show people your love, then they will respect your power & do anything for you. #Leadership001

22. The road in leadership can initially feel lonely and boring. But persistence is key. #Leadership001

23. Never take on leadership if you don’t have a vision. It’s a suicide attempt. #Leadership001

24. Mat 15:14 “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” #Leadership001

25. Understand when and how to use; ‘LOGOS’, ‘ETHOS’ and ‘PATHOS’. This is very vital. #Leadership001

26. Emotional intelligence with discernment shouldn’t be left out of your judgement. #Leadership001

27. Ensure you have a positive lasting memory in all the people you lead. ALL OF THEM! #Leadership001

28. Don’t overwork your people with activities. Show them the fun side of you once in a while. #Leadership001

29. Remember, except the Lord builds a house, the builders are just waiting their time. #Leadership001

30. If you are not led by the Spirit of God, you can’t lead the ideal way. Go for God! #Leadership001

That’s all for today’s #iMentor session.

I remain your #iMentor, Harkheindzel Kenny O.



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