National Prayer for Nigeria.

National Prayer for Nigeria.


Luke 18:1 And he spake a parable unto them to this end,THAT MEN OUGHT ALWAYS TO PRAY,AND NOT TO FAINT. (*Emphasis Mine*)

In the name of Jesus, I arise to take my place in the heavenly places – seated with Christ Jesus. I stand in the fullness of the word, spirit and the power of YHVH!

I take authority and dominion over all things, physical, spiritual, terrestrial,aquatic, celestial, and cosmological. I speak in the name of Jesus, therefore everything will Listen to me.

I move all across the spheres and dimensions and I create an intense presence over Nigeria. I stand over the portals of grace and I unleash its content over the landscape and people of Nigeria.

I put upon myself the whole armour of YHVH, I stand in His strength and in the power of His might!
I speak unto the prevailing situations in Nigeria. I command every knee to bow in the name of Jesus. Every insurgency against the rule and reign of YHVH in Nigeria, I place it under my feet. I strip off its powers by the blood of the Lamb – the blood shed at Golgotha. I create a standard against it and I decree that “You shall come no more!”.

I unleash the Kingdom of YHVH upon the affairs of Nigeria upon every sector and sphere. In politics, policies, education, entertainment, family, economy, religion, commerce, and every pillar of, this nation, Let the Kingdom of YHVH reign!


I rise into the spiritual atmosphere and I enforce the dominion I have in Christ Jesus. I stand against every evil spirit, foul spirit, diabolic spirit. Every contrivance against YHVH, I rebuke in the name of Jesus.
The princedoms and principalities that hold the affairs of Nigeria. I command you to lose hold of her in the name of Jesus!
“let go of Nigeria!, let her go!”

The virtue of the strong-man, I speak to you. I don’t care the legal rights you have over Nigeria, I dont reckon with the ancestral and generational mergers and oath you hold on to. I don’t recognise your civil, or jurisdictional rights you have over her. I care about just one thing, and that is;

“I come in the name of Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of YHVH.” every oath, testament, and covenant you have and hold on to, I break and disband it right now in the name of Jesus! By the blood of Jesus, I set Nigeria free!
She is free from your hold!
free from your dominion!
free from your reach!
In the name of Jesus.

I stand against the abysmal abnormalities in Nigeria, I stand against terrorism and death, I disband the powers over sickness, over unemployment, over corruption! In the name of Jesus.

I put an end to it now in Jesus name!

The light of YHVH will shine in Nigeria,
the Spirit of YHVH… Ruach haKodesh will reign supreme un Nigeria!
The counsel of YHVH will stand.

Every anti-YHVH, anti-Christ or anti-Ruach Adonai, I bring you down and terminate your reign in the name of Jesus!

I decree that love will reign in Nigeria,
peace will surface in Nigeria,
unity will appear to all in Nigeria,… In the name of Jesus!

Nigeria will become a place on the map for the right reasons! Nigeria will no more be cast down. She will rise and shine! She will rise as a colossus, like an edifice she will be made manifest! This is the will of YHVH for Nigeria!… And it shall come to pass, it shall not tarry!

I agree with every well meaning intercessor for Nigeria, and we agree in one spirit, one accord and in one voice that “The kingdom of YHVH will reign in Nigeria”

This we pray!
in Nomine Patris et Filli et Spiritus Sancti
(in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit) Amen.

The voice of one in the wilderness,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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