Half full or half empty?


Do these clauses mean the same thing?
Do they explain with the same degree?


The way you see this tells a lot about your present state of mind, your present level of revelation or your present semblance to insight.

The answer is not the same for everyone neither do they hold the same choice or end.

Think about it deeply and your heart choose one. Your answer defines you.

The level of your perception will determine what you see. The real issue is not what you see but “How you see”. How you see will be the judgement of what you believe and what you accept as the truth.

Here lies another problem, what you think is the truth may not even be the truth. It may be some evidence or norm or tradition that has been passed from one generation to another.

The same thing is before our eyes but we cannot all see the same thing, this is because we don’t all see the same way.

This is a serious twist in our essential make up over the years. This is not just about philosophy or some gnostic facts. It may as well be the very truth that defines us all.

This post is not for everyone, but it is here for everyone who truly wants to see.

How then do you see?
The truth is… We do not see with the eyes. We do not see with the mind either (though the mind helps us to see).

You can only see with the heart. And with this comes another issue…
People don’t know how to see. To really see, you need to be shown. Whoever shows you becomes your blessing or your curse. The choice depends on how open you are to the truth.

The truth can only be revealed, this revelation is called an encounter!

Without this encounter you will forever live in darkness. The movie “The matrix” gave us a hint to this.

Never trust appearances, they always fail!
Time is the only true revealer of deception.

Now go back to the picture of the two cups, what do you see?
Look at them individually then together. When you are able to see what makes them similar yet different, that is when you will be able to answer the question I asked at the top of this post.

(hint: don’t look with the eyes, but let your heart see through your eyes)


Your #iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.
For Harkheindzel Initiative.


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