If you want it, then act like it.

If you want it, then act like it: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.


It’s time for a peek into my #iMentor advanced session. This is not so that those in basic session can feel intimidated… Not at all. This is the difference between the rich and the poor, the successful and the mediocre, the smart and the dull. I guess a peek into this neural network won’t do you any harm, instead its gonna inspire, impact, impower and hopefully inform you.

Stats tell us that about 20% or less of the human population rule the remaining. This is because of the kind of life the leading pack choose to live.

Those who lead live a very strict and obstinate life. They don’t behave like the nominal ones. They live life on purpose. Many of them have information that they pray others don’t get to have. But the funny thing is that the information they have is readily available to everyone… Many just choose to ignore them.

Some things are just common sense, but I have come to realise that common sense isn’t that common.

If you have been following my #iMentor sessions for the past one year then I believe you should have had a mental shift by now. (if you have not, then I suggest you start reading my very first #iMentor post from the very beginning.)

There is not elevator in the path to greatness, we all have to take the stairs.

Have you thought about why some people remain beneath all their lives? Is it their fault? Or should we blame it on their ancestors? Well, the truth is this…. “everyman is responsible for his own path, he may just not realise it”

Everyone wants to be like Pastor Adeboye,
people want to be the next bill Gates, or George soros. But have you realised that all these people have something in common? If you didn’t know…. Now you will. They may not share the same faith or beliefs, but something about them is the same.

“The way they live their lives.”

They live their lives on purpose.
Let me tell you what I mean…

It takes active efforts to be great, it takes will, diligence and self control. It takes a system of rules, a pattern of core values, a certain level of inspiration to rise above every ordinary person on the globe.

The instance you have the mind of a producer, you cease to be poor. A huge percent of people are consumers, even some who make millions and billions. A fat account is not the proof of wealth. The proof of wealth Is in the mind. Poverty is a thing of the mind and so is wealth. Once you get this, you will stop blaming your background or your environment or your parents for the ills in your life. Everything that comes to you is caused by you. Yes YOU!!

it is time to take responsibility of your life and watch the things you do,the things you accept and the things you tolerate. It’s time to step up and step out.

The more successful you want to become, the less of TV you need to watch.

Am certain bill Gates does not waste his time watching “keeping up with the kadershians”. It’s simply a waste of time.

The moment you realise that the real unit of time is not seconds but *heartbeats* then you will realise how precious your time is. Every heartbeat wasted cannot be redeemed.

Successful people value time. They don’t joke with it. They are never late, neither are they unnecessarily idle.

Some teenagers have wasted years sitting in front of the tv and playing playstation. (even those who make playststion are not playing).

Young girls have wasted precious moments to hours watching bollywood movies

Well, I am not here to cast blame or point fingers. I am here to tell you what you need to do to make your life count. This decision awaits you immediately you finish reading this session.

What will your next action be?
Will you go back on social media to waste time or to redeem time? The choice is yours. Will you prune the time you spend watching tv? It’s in your hands.

So don’t blame the poor and don’t envy the rich. Many times ago, they (the rich) took the decision to live their lives on purpose while their mates were playing or reading m&b novels. They decided to watch who they associate with, who they talk to, where they go and how they are seen or perceived.

Like I said, this is a peek into the #iMentor advanced session. I won’t disclose more than this.

I hope you take the initiative to begin to live your life on purpose.
For more information you can contact me via the contact section of my blog.


I wish you a nice and fruitful life. That life begins now!!

Your #iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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