“Praise the Lord”, the long lost revelation.

“Praise the Lord?”

Many things have changed, times have gone, new aeons emerge, generations have come and gone. The age of modernisation has soiled and diluted some ancient truths.

Well, some things just need to stop, some truth need to resurface, it’s time to be brought up to speed with necessary ethics and protocols that seems to have been denuded with every passing time and season.


If the ancient fathers saw or heard us mock the truths that had given them profound victories in their time, then we wouldn’t hold much water in their expectations of us.

“Praise the Lord”, is not a clause to call the attention of people, it is not a “Mike testing” language. It’s is a clause that holds much power. A clause that have been tested over and over again by the ancient patriarchs and matriarchs. It is a chant that gives glory to God!!! But never has this chant been rendered while people are on their seats. But such sights are common in this age. You see a minister call out “Praise the Lord”, and you hear a silly, diluted and unenthusiastic response from the people who usually remain on their seats looking into their phones or staying distracted with one thing or the other.

This must stop!!!

This is the same insanity that has eroded the church when we do not give reverence and veneration to the name of YHVH (God).
Let me tell you something, the appearance of Grace doesn’t give us the licence to act stupid! The era of Grace doesn’t mean we should lack gratitude or disdain the essence or personality of the Godhead. This is not the reason Grace came.

I see many believers (even pastors) act in abysmal stupendous and incredible ethics not even seen in unbelievers. I don’t know what the source of their inspiration is because I am sure it is not from Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit).

Please, let us read the Bible. Let’s be berean in our approach to life. Pastors are not omniscient, they are still in the process of learning and developing in spiritual ethics and truths.

Back to the topic of the post; the clause Praise the Lord is a chant of faith. It’s one that usually gives the final blow to the enemy. When Joshua led the Israelites (instructed by God) to go round Jericho seven times and on the seventh day to go round it seven times. This was a very enduring task. After the seventh revolution, they didn’t see anything happen (even though spiritually the walls of Jericho were already down). They were commanded to give a loud shout of praise to God for the victory (which was not yet evident to the perception of the physical eyes). They obeyed and praised the Lord, this cry began to shake things up – in the heavens and on the earth. With their cry and praise they were brought up to speed to the current spiritual truth.

Let me tell you that it was not their shout that caused the wall of jericho to fall as some people have tried to use the laws of sound and physics to describe the acts of God (spiritual things can only be spiritually discerned). It was their obedience that brought the walls down.
While they were rotating the walls of jericho, the walls were already crumbling but this was only obvious to any spiritually sensitive person. The shout of joy only brought this spiritual truth to the physical plane.

Many people have issues in life…. Issues that they are even ignorant of. But it is the obedience to the call of “Praise the Lord”,and their attitude in which they respond by shouting “Hallelujah” that will cause a shaking that will reveal their victory to them.

With all being said, I hope your attitude to the call to praise God will change from now on. This is in your best interest. You are not doing God any favour by praising him, you are doing yourself much good by doing so.

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord.
Harkheindzel Kenny O.

(All posts are creative properties of Harkheindzel Kenny O. Editing, truncation any any unauthorised use is in violation of copyright laws.)


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