Handling momentum: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

Handling momentum: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

What is momentum?
mo·men·tum /mōˈmentəm/

Noun: 1. The quantity of motion of a
moving body, measured as a
product of its mass and
2. The impetus gained by a
moving object.

Momentum can be a great help and it can be a great disaster to you, depending on whether it is working for or against you.

In today’s iMentor session, I will tell you the fundamentals about momentum. Two things you need to always remember when talking about or dealing with momenums are;
1. Mass: (plural masses)
A quantity of matter cohering together so as to make one body, or an aggregation of particles or things which collectively make one body or quantity, usually of considerable size;

and the other thing to note is;

2. Velocity: (plural velocities)

I. (physics) A vector quantity that denotes the rate of change of position with respect to time, or a speed with the directional component.
II. Rapidity of motion.
III. The rate of occurrence.

As long as you remember this, then the first hurdle in managing or handling momentum can be crossed.
I will therefore highlight basic things you need to bear in mind in understanding momentum.

You need to understand that if there is no movement there can’t be momentum. So the first thing you need to have is the will to act or move, the will to start up. Then the next thing you need to do it to move! Act! (this topic has been cleared in previous iMentor sessions. You can search for “step fear” and “too lazy to be free” for starters). There’s nothing as important as ignition. The force you start with determines how good you will go. So the amount of potential invested in your ignition can set you up for life! (if you know how to go about it)


Many people have a good business plan, a creative idea, a billion pound initiative. But not working with the law of gradient can hit you off even before you start.
This law is simple;
“it takes very little force/input to move from a high point to a low point while it takes a greater force and persistence to keep moving from a lower point to a higher point.”

Depending on the idea you have and the result you want to achieve, you need to master this law and cause it to work for you.
Gradients can be known when you compare your input with your environment or the prevailing situation around your vicinity or proximity. If you are travelling upstream then you need to consistently push and build potential. However, if you are going downstream then you could conserve your strength and allow the waves move you.

Before jumping into a task or competition or into action, learn to study your environs.
Ask questions!
What are the things that will assist you?
what are the impediments?
what are the neutral forces?…
These are the questions you need to answer before heading on. Failure to do this can lead to great frustration along the way.


This is similar to the ignition but is quite different. “ignition” starts you up but “fuel” keeps you going. I have seen a lot of promising people who have great plans, built for great starts, a wonderful beginning but they failed to understand the importance of the “fuel”.

There are lots of things you need to note for fuel. You need to plan this before you start up. Starting out is good, as a matter of fact it is great, but it is useless if you don’t have a plan to sustain your plan, mission or vision. This is why many businesses have packed up. They had promising ignition but didn’t plan for fuel, so they eventually burnt out, went bankrupt, lost motivation or gave up in the process.

Things to note:
A. Learn to work with people,
B. gain experience,
C. have a contingency plan,
D. don’t put all your eggs in the same basket,
E. prepare for unforseen events,
F. Always work and walk with a reserve available.


This is simple. It’s more like a research and development mindset. This is the best way to beat the diminishing effect. The truth is this; every idea, invention, innovation, or skill won’t have the same value forever. So the way to remain valuable to humanity is to keep improving yourself. Learn to go ahead of the pack. This will always make them want you. Learn what is still uncommon, think wide and offer solution to prevailing problems and situation. Learn how things are done elsewhere. Always upgrade your excellence mark.
For example;
The latest gadget or device is only the latest to the consumers, It is not the latest innovation of the company. This is what keeps the company ahead and in constant demand. Remember and work on this and your momentum keeps advancing.

A times, the easiest way to gain speed is to gain number. But this ‘dice’ must be rolled with initiative and wisdom. It gets to a time when number won’t help you gather momentum.
However, this law isn’t about human number, it means an upgrade which may include;
Skill improvement,
Global exposure,
Change in environment,
Restructuring of vision,
Creating more space, offices or responsibilities.

I could go on with more but this is what I can release for now. More strategic and creative sessions go for a price. But I believe this if well mastered will exceed your imagination as regards the outcome it can bring.

Words are powerful, but actions brings outcomes.

The success of your life and the fulfilment of your purpose is my concern. Do have a great life.

Your iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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