My thoughts on Nation Building.

My thoughts on nation building.


I am Harkheindzel Kenny O. I believe
in Nigeria, I am a Nation Builder and I see her great!
#Dec_31_2025 #iAmaNationBuilder

The Seeds are in your hands today. Will
you sow it or you will eat it?

It’s a countdown to #Dec_31_2025 . What you do today will speak on that day. Let’s
build a great nation. #iAmaNationBuilder

Change doesn’t come easily. That’s why you
need to have the right association. A
type that supports these values.

You don’t become popular by being a
nation builder, you become a role model and
a legacy for d future. #iAmaNationBuilder

Nation Building starts with your general
outlook, your attitude to your neighbours,
the causes you support.

Nation Building starts in your room. With
your dressing, with your manners, your
choice of words…

It starts with a change. A change in you.
Such as following road signs. Proper
waste management. Etc

What a great day #Dec_31_2025 will be
for the nation builders who start work
today! Right now! #iAmaNationBuilder

We have a vision of making Nigeria the most desirable Nation to live in by December 31st 2025! Do you think it’s possible? Yes! Yes it is!

Imagine you on that day with your children. You
will tell them you were part of the  pioneers of the
great Nigeria Nation Building process. #Dec_31_2025

The future begins today. Countdown to
#Dec_31_2025 . #iAmaNationBuilder

If my friend Nathan Isaac (@StFahrenheit), started by sharing the right nation building values on a bus. If he can share the values as
he travelled on a bus, Tell me what can
stop you from doing better. #iAmaNationBuilder

Take over your sphere, your office, your
career, share the core values.

It’s just a choice away. It’s a click away.
It’s a link away…. #iAmaNationBuilder

Join the 1 million nation builders! The
number that will remain in history by
#Dec_31_2025 . #iAmaNationBuilder

You cannot run from the Nigeria that will
emerge. So why not just join the builders.
Build a great nation. #iAmaNationBuilder

Great men take great steps. But sceptics
see it as a risk! You know this step is for
You. Let’s build together.

One man can go fast! But together we
can go far!! . That’s what binds nation
builders. #iAmaNationBuilder

Nation Builders mindset is simple.
Magnify what you are doing on a nationwide
scale. Impact more people.

Brian Houston once said;
The depth of your valley is often
determined by the height of your

So it takes great responsibility to say; my
name is (….) and I am a Nation Builder!

Nation Builders are people who are already
doing something. There are no incentives.
It’s a work for a noble cause.

So stop being passive. It’s time to act,


Values appreciate, they never diminish.
And that’s what nation builders are
sharing today. #iAmaNationBuilder

No nation builder can be adequately
compensated for his work. It’s beyond
comprehensive value.

Nation Building is service to humanity. A
task that even the future generations can’t
adequately reward! #iAmaNationBuilder

Nation Builders see the future but work in
the present. That’s why many can’t
understand their zeal and passion!

Like Nathan Isaac (@StFahrenheit) said, nation builders
don’t just think outside the box, their
thinking has no box! #iAmaNationBuilder

Nation Builders find every chance to add
and show values. If there’s no space…
They create space. #iAmaNationBuilder

Nation Builders don’t stand still, they
stand out! They don’t cave in, they create
things. #iAmaNationBuilder

Nation Builders stand even when no one
supports. Through their movements, they
build support. #iAmaNationBuilder

Nation Builders don’t complain, they
contribute. They don’t mourn, they
motivate through action!

Nation Builders will not be afraid of the
rains, they are those who will step into the mud
and the snow and work!… And build!

Nation Building is not for big boys and
girls. It’s for those who are ready to work!

Nation Builders will endure, they will
sacrifice. They will give when it’s not
convenient. It’s not a bed of roses… Yet!

It’s easy to quote, retweet or like. But
what matters is your input at the time
that matter. If you can do that, then good.

To subscribe to become a nation builder, click the link below and fill the form faithfully.

Powered by “Harkheindzel Initiative” for GEMSTONE NATION BUILDERS NETWORK.


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