Complementary dose: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

My #iMentor session is not all about principles or ethics. It’s about life! That’s why I choose not to always speak at length or in articles. I choose to use a few sentences to drive home the point.

It will do you great good not to see these sentences as “just sentences”. They are words containing the POWER you need to launch you into a high dimension of “PROPHORO” and “INSPIRO”.

Don’t joke with them.


Here you go:

I. If you constantly live in fear, you will
never succeed. Another word that
describes faith is “taking risks”. #iMentor

II. If you run on the day of battle. Your
strength is small. Don’t stay small! Keep
improving so you can change the story!

III. If you can’t stay on the right values.
Social media is a good litmus test for
you. Social media doesn’t define you. You
define it! #iMentor

IV. Consecrate yourself. Stand out! All pple
who have made history possess this
quality. It starts now! #iMentor

V. Go for the glory!… Don’t go for glamour.

VI. “Set a fire in my soul, that I can’t contain
or control! I want more of you God”. Let
this be your prayer today.

VII. Don’t let men despise your youth. The
best they can do is envy you. Focus on
God and watch the miracles happen.

VIII. The race is not to the swift, the battle is
not to the strong. It’s not about strength
& size, it’s about God!

IX. Don’t be tired of going to the blood. As
long as you are dirty & stained, you need
the blood. #HarkheindzelSpeaks

X. The red Sea is not your doom! It’s your
salvation… But it’s the doom to your
enemies. #HarkheindzelSpeaks

XI. Don’t do things because people are doing
it. Do things because it’s the right thing
to do. #iMentor

XII. What more do you need! What other
proof do you need to show the existence
of God? If you are not satisfied with the proofs
around you. Go look in a mirror. #HarkheindzelSpeaks

XIII. God knows all things and one of the
implications God knowing all things is,
He will reward what He sees done in the
secret in the Open. (PST E A Adeboye @PastorEAAdeboye)

XIV. I love it when unbelievers call me a
“faith-fool” Spiritual things cannot to carnally or mentally discerned. #HarkheindzelSpeaks

XV. Learn to appreciate people even when you are not being appreciated. You are sowing a seed now. The harvest will come. (and hope you know that the proportion of a harvest is always bigger than the seed.) #iMentor

XVI. There’s is something that changes the
path…. It’s the word “BUT”. Learn when
to use it and when to avoid it. #iMentor

XVII. Funny how a race could be won even
without racing. All you need is to gain
what you would have gained at the finish line
before you start. #iMentor

XVIII. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn
to forgive yourself. That’s the only way to
get to the finish line. #iMentor

XIX. Let fear not cave us into loneliness. Love
is real. It exists. But it’s a process you
need understand. Don’t miss my next
#iMentor session.

XX. The secret of life is not staying young…
It is living young at heart. #iMentor

Your iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.
*Harkheindzel Initiative*


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