Strategic thinking: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

You are welcome to today’s #iMentor session with Harkheindzel Kenny O.


Today we will be taking a very strategic session. This session needs your full attention and an open mind. Many people lose the value of information because they come with the mind that they already know what the topic is all about. If you are in this category, then I suggest you just close this page and turn away.

But if you are ready to unlearn and relearn then this session is meant for you.

Every action starts with a thought. It may be a conscious thought or not… But thought are the Genesis of all actions. Thoughts are encoded words, conceal words in your mind. It is what the Greek call ‘logos endiathetos’. What ever you do has been processed in your subconscious. Those who are slaves to the mind have their mind doing the thinking for them. They are the type of people who act without thought. The truth is that the thought came from them but they are not masters over their thoughts.

Study a mad man to understand this better. A mad man has thoughts, but they are not coordinated with our sphere of our reality. That’s why they are regarded as ‘out of their minds’.

Everyman thinks but the world has gone past the era of just plain thoughts. To make it in life, to be ahead, to become a master in a field, you must learn how to effectively manage your thoughts and your thought-life. One of the ways of doing this is through “STRATEGIC THINKING”.

Here is my definition of strategic thinking;
Strategic thinking is a thought  process of functioning at a para-prophetic dimension of events coordination and precaution resulting into actions.

You need to master your mind and learn to coordinate your thought progression and boundaries. Thinking rubbish should become a no-no from now on. You need to learn to balance your thought and coordinate your mental processes according to strategic standards. This is what I want to share with you today.

I will enumerate this thought process. There is no way you can engage in strategic thinking and you won’t have great results following it. (once you adhere and follow the process).

One of the stories we loved while growing up was the story of David and Goliath. There were many reasons for the affinity for this story. The fact that David, a young boy could defeat a big giant was very thrilling and fun. It gives the young ones hope that they can conquer anything no matter its size. But what people fail to realise was that David obeyed the laws and processes of strategic thinking.

#1. The spiritual nature of David gave him an edge:
He knew God and brought him into everything he did. Without God, he couldn’t make a move. If he wasn’t feeling easy with something, he would go ask God. This habit enabled him to structure his thought life and live in divine accountability. The moment you think you can do things by your strength, then you can’t engage strategic thoughts.

#2. David was not passive:
Whenever occasions come, he was always ready to tackle the situation. He was a shepherd boy with the heart of a warrior. He was not a quitter, he doesn’t like giving excuses. He prefers testimonies to excuses. He took his work seriously and was excellent in his deeds. He was very detailed. (you can’t be a shepherd and not be).


#3. He has a standard and follows principles:
David was angry to see that Goliath had been threatening his people. He saw Goliath not as a giant, but as a man. Goliath had what he had. (one head, two hands, two legs, etc. Am sure you get where am going with this). His attitude towards opposition was not with fright or surprise but with a corresponding action. Strategic thoughts lead to strategic actions.

#4. Accelerated thought process:
This is a quality every leader should possess. Quick thinking will give you an edge every time. Now imagine if your quick thinking skills are strategic.
David came to Goliath with a sling and a stone. But with his strategic calculations, Goliath’s head was on the floor. No stone or sling can cut off a giant’s head. But with strategic thinking, you don’t have to follow natural protocol. This is where the para-prophetic dimension comes to play. You think so fast that your thoughts think the future.

#5. Right words:
David was a man of positive words. No matter how bad the situation is, he finds a way to encourage himself and reduce the heat of the situation. Note that if you depend on people to always calm you down, to always talk to you, to always encourage you, then you are a long way from being strategic. (sorry to break it to you but as an iMentor, I tell you the truth).
The right thoughts must be a progression of your strategic thoughts. “say what you think”, but think before you say!
You will notice that the results of events happened exactly how David said it.

#6. Drive:
You need to stand by your words and see it through. I hope you know that if you take on a giant without adequate plans and thought, there is no better result than failure. Here is the secret:
It doesn’t mean your actions will come easy, you will need skill strength, dexterity, poise, confidence and faith to carry on your thoughts.
Remember the pattern;
“think it”
“say it”, then
“do it!”.

You can think it or say it forever, but if you don’t do it, nothing will happen. What gives certainty and expectation to your actions are the thoughts and words backing it.


If God could use this pattern of strategic thinking in the process of creation. Then why can’t you use it to create that future you desire. God thought, He spoke and He took action. This is the basic pattern of strategic thinking.

If you have any questions, you can contact me through my mail;,
Or on twitter: @harkheindzel
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It would be nice to hear from you.

Finally, make it a habit to become strategic in everything you do. It may seem difficult to keep us initially but eventually it will become a part of you.
I wish you the very best in life. (now that’s my strategic thought for you. Make it happen!)

Your iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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