On the 5th of February 2014 by 12noon, all traffic led to a certain point on the cyberspace. People started talking about it. People started tweeting about it, many social media platforms were engaged in the nationwide campaign.

It’s called the “I am a Nation Builder campaign”. Many people who desire to identify with the dream of building Nigeria and making it the most desirable place to live in by December 31st 2025 stood up and spoke out.

“My name is……., and I am a Nation Builder! Are you?”. This was the question everyone was asking. The question started spreading like wild fire across the social media with vehement alacrity.

Most especially on Twitter where the traffic was concentrated, the GEMSTONE NATION BUILDERS NETWORK (@WeAreGEMSTONE) began with a series of interviews with Nation Builders, starting with the National President of GEMSTONE NATION BUILDER NETWORK, Wisdom Osiri (@OsiriWisdom).
In the interview session, he talked about what GEMSTONE stands for and what people need to know about the Nation builders campaign.


According to Wisdom Osiri, he said and I quote;

” My candid advise is
for every positive Nigerian to subscribe to
the values of GEMSTONE. We need YOU to
start today. Most things that are
postponed never gets done. Nigeria
needs YOU.”

He continued by saying;

“The transformational
values of GEMSTONE are as follows:-

1. Make
a positive impact on everyone I meet and
everywhere I go.

2. Be a solution
provider and not a part of the problem to
be solved.

3. Be a role model
worthy of emulation.

4. Be my best in all
I do particularly the things I am
naturally good at.

5. Do the right
thing at all times regardless of who is
doing the wrong thing.

6. Value time and
make the best use of time.

7. Care and show
respect through my work and actions.

8. Consciously build
a great legacy starting now, today and

9. Live a life of integrity and honor.

10. Make my family, my nation, and My God proud.”

He encouraged everyone by saying;

“Building Nigeria is
our collective RESPONSIBILITY. We can,we
shall,we will and we must!”

Follow this link to subscribe and become a member;

With the campaign on, many ambassadors, champions and nation builders will be interviewed. They will enumerate how they intend to build Nigeria, what they have in store,what they are doing and how the community can be a part of the nation building movement.

To make your voice heard, join the movement, download the Nation Builder campaign pictures, use them on your profiles.
Change your profile names or handles to: (Your name) |Nation Builder or simply put “I am a Nation Builder”.

The move is on, join us! Be a part of the history makers. Be the voice of this generation. Together we can, together we must!

Use the hashtag ‪#‎IAmANationBuilder ‬so we can all move with one intent and one voice. This is to make it easy to identify the nation builders, to distinguish the ‘thinkers’ from the ‘doers’.

Don’t just watch the change happen, be a part of the change. Follow @WeAreGEMSTONE on twitter and find a chapter closest to you where you can contribute your input to the Nation Building cause.

My name is Harkheindzel Kenny O, and I am a Nation Builder! Are you?


Powered by Harkheindzel Initiative for GEMSTONE FOUNDATION.


5 thoughts on “The “I AM A NATION BUILDER” CAMPAIGN kicks off!

  1. Kenny I can confirm that truly You are a Nation Builder and you will Deliver the Future of a Great Nigeria. More Power to you I Pray.

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