Gainful Pain: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.


That’s the sound many people make that connotes to pain.
” Yee!!”
That’s another many people in this part of the world would relate to.

Pain is a way our body tells us that there’s something wrong. This could be as a result of either internal or external factors. This is however my definition of pain;

“Pain arises when there is an imbalance between external and internal surroundings.”

Inasmuch as there is no equilibrium, there would be a form of pain… No matter how little it is. Pain is an indicator, it’s not an end in itself. It’s a form of communication and not necessarily an action..

To this end, we need to know what message such pain is trying to pass to us. We have mental pain, psychological pain, social pain, physical pain, even spiritual pain.

What we really need to consider is the environment of the pain. What caused the pain? What’s the effect of the pain? Can it be avoided? Is the pain necessary? What happens after the pain? Would the pain ever abate?   To live a good life, you must learn how to ‘understudy’ pain, ‘manage’ pain and ‘deal with’ pain. If you master this, It will help you become a better person naturally… (and that’s part of what an iMentor does for you).

Not every pain is bad. Here is where the difference between good and right lies. Most times people misuse the words. They don’t mean the same thing all the time. To this end, we will enumerate a pain that’s right.

*Ask any fitness trainer, he will tell you that pain is good. (though it doesn’t feel good). The moment of pain is the moment of development, work, action. Without pain, your muscles won’t be trim and fit.

*Ask any religious person and he will tell you that it’s good to fast. Even though there are series of pains involved. Your body doesn’t like it,your stomach hates it the most! But the eventual outcome makes it worth it.

*Ask a teacher, you will realise that pain can serve as a corrective measure for spoilt brats or stubborn children. I don’t think you will be this sane if you have never been punished in your life. The pain that comes with punishment helps to put our minds back in order.


To make your life productive, you need to endure some pain. Nothing good comes easy. But that’s a pain we need to deal with. Waking up at 3:30am daily and getting back home by 10:54pm isn’t fun, it can be stressful. But it’s a pain we need to manage.
In life, there is work to be done. Once and again, you meet pain along the way but you dont let it stop you. Now that’s a right attitude.

I travel at least once a month. Now that’s not all that fun all the time. Realising the pain the expenses cause on my bank account. But it’s a pain I must sacrifice for the greater good. Dealing with pain takes strength. It requires discipline and determination. It is easier when we don’t try to battle it alone. This is where a family or a friend can help out. When you share your burdens with others, the pains become shared as well and you feel better. Pain is not something you should try to fight alone in isolation… That just make things worse.

Sympathy and empathy can help with pain, knowledge can also help with pain. Truth on the long run eases our pains… Our spirit, mind and body need the serenity and tranquillity to function well and properly.

Finally, this is the crux of this session today. Make provision for pain, don’t let it always get to you. The earlier you deal with it the better for you. But like I said before…. Not all pain should be tolerated because some pain can actually kill you. Always make the best use of your opportunities. Find happiness, find joy. Find something good even in the bad situations. This is a way to deal with pain. Be fixed on the light, disdain the darkness. Follow after peace and shun war and violence. And finally again, never walk alone. 

Your iMentor, 
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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