Womanhood: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.


1. It’s a man’s world. This is a comment I hear a lot. It is a very biased notion.

2. The funny thing about it is that those who use it have no idea what it means.

3. When YHVH made Adam, he gave him a very important job. One in which he needed a help mate.

4. This was the Genesis of womanhood. They ( women) were fashioned to reign with man.

5. So if man was not on the scene, they would not have existed.

6. However, the very existence of Man depends on the help of a woman.

7. This has more to do than the purpose of procreation.

8. What men don’t realise is that they cannot fulfill their mandate without the help of a help meet, which is usually a woman.

9. There is a reason why YHVH made the woman. It was not just because man may feel lonely and all.

10. But because the Godhead saw the need for a woman.

11. Women are different compared to men in every way. Not just physically bur everything – cally.

12. There is a reason why women are tender and thoughtful. They are to assist man to carry out his mission.

13. Women are not to work for man, they are to work with man.

14. The rewards of their labour is enjoyed together.

15. The issue is that some women have lost their eternal mission.

16. They are either too passive to fulfill it or they are too active with it so they work against it.


17. In this case, both man and woman are guilty of purpose ignorance.

18. Woman was created for man, but God made both of them for himself and his purpose.

19. The women need to understand their place in this world and not work against it.

20. It is time for things to be corrected and women find their place once again.

21. Woman missed it in Eden because she was not actively involved in the garden management and maintenance.

22. It was all Adam (man) doing it. And we all know the end of that story.

23. They were kicked out of the garden. This meant that both man and woman failed in their duties.

24. Even though man was working… He failed because he did not include the input of the woman.

25. The snake had the chance with the woman because she was idle, at that moment she was not with the man.

26. The moment she was in an endangered proximity scope, she lost contact with man and she became a gullible prey to the devil.

27. Because man lost the same proximity, he lost his work… He was sacked!

28. The mind of the woman is feeble, this is why she needs a man.

29. The mind of a man is not coordinated, this is why he needs a woman.


30. The combination of both man and woman is a supreme masterwork of the Godhead.

31. Together they can do the unimaginable.

32. There is a difference between a girl, a lady and a woman.

33. It’s all a stage. Although some females remain girls all their lives,

34. others remain ladies for the rest of their lives, but the best purpose discovery is to discover the woman in you.

35. To be a woman is to know your worth, and to know the man you are to assist.

36. A time comes in the life of a female human when she realises her purpose.

37. to stay locked in covenant and bond in union with a man she had chosen to be a help meet to for the rest of her life.

38. This is what brings happiness.

39. The work and purpose of womanhood has celestial respect throughout the cosmos.

40. Because there is someone else who has almost the same job description… He is the Holy Spirit.

41. So the work of a woman is a huge responsibility that requires patience, endurance, sacrifices,

42. and great love because man can be frustrating a times,

43. it is one required for a constructive interference of the coordination of man.

44. With this spelt out. It is a void that needs to be resolved ASAP.

45. There is a void in man that only a woman can fill. (everyman knows this).

46. So I can say that the very hope of mankind rest on the integral mission of both the man and the woman,

47. without which none of them will fulfill their missions as spelt out by God.

48. I believe in the strength of the woman. I believe in the discovery of womanhood….

49. This is what man has been waiting for.

50. So its time for the ladies and girls to become woman and assist their men to dominate and reign!

Your #iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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