Genvoices Telethon: Harkheindzel’s speech.

Genvoices Telethon.
Harkheindzel’s speech:


Today we stand to witness a day that makes history. A day that congregates people of different lands, works, ethnic groups and religion. A day where we face what binds us, what holds us, what keeps us together, what frames us and what keeps us strong.

Today we witness a the crossing of a bridge long overdue. I remember a tale of some freed slaves many centuries ago coming out of Egypt. They had to cross the red Sea even when their oppressors were coming for them . But today, In all the rancor and cacophony, we choose to cross our red Sea this day. We choose not to listen to the roars of the seas, the peals of thunder or the subtle whisper of “hopelessness” trying to sap out our strength, passion and zeal.


We take that step today as a generation United as one voice. More than 100,000 voices are gathered, millions of ears are listening, an innumerable host is unto us, listening, supporting, helping this movement. From the young to the old, the poor and the rich, the learned and the lay.

This is a movement of hope. A bright light rises on the horizon of the nation. It is the dawn of a new era, a new time, a new nation, a new people. Those who will stand for what is right for what is just, for what ought to be done.

Today the voice of generations will be heard via various platforms, various means, media and lands even far from the gaze of our eyes. Far from the eyes but our hearts are so close together…. Closer than the world can see.

We stand in oneness, the primus of an era. The world is silent, waiting to hear us speak. The aeon of tolerating in silence is over. Now we speak! We prophoricate with stern and obstinacy to our desires and cause.

My name is Harkheindzel Kenny O, I stand with the rest of the voices. We are but one voice. Speaking differently but with one voice. And today we make our voices heard. Today, the celestial, cosmos and terrestrial ears are open to hear us. Our voices will resonate with the voices of heroes past, whose labours were not in vain. Because of us, they can smile to see that we found their batons and we ran with it. We will remain a nation bound in freedom, peace and unity. The very oaths and prayers that birth the amalgamation and establishment of this nation is behind us in all dumanis and potestas. We are not alone. We have been guided by their voices, words of our ancient compatriots. when we turn to the right hand, and when we turn to the left, our ears always hear a voice behind us, saying, “This is the way. Walk in it.”

This is where the road has led us. To today! To make history! We are the voices of the generation, and today you will hear and listen to what we have to say.

For Generational Voices.

Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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