20 captions for the week: #iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O.

Few words with applications raise your bar above your peers. Be judicious with today’s #iMentor session.


Those who learn in the morning will always rule those who start in the evening of their lives

. – Harkheindzel Kenny O.

1. There is no altitude for anyone who lacks gratitude.
So change your attitude. #iMentor

2. Enter into YHVH presence with the password
“thank you”. #iMentor

3. The first time you realise how far behind you
have been while idle or passive is the day you
begin to wake up! #iMentor

4. Success rises and falls on leadership. And
leadership rises and falls with God.

5. Choose wisely the words and discussions you will
poke your nose Into, Everything isn’t your
business. #iMentor

6. Life throws you all options. But you have to
choose the one God tells you to – the one you need.

7. Nothing make the work as easy as “strategic”
division of labour. #iMentor

8. The truth is.. Not everything is for you. Find
your passion, your specialty and keep learning
And Horning your skills. #iMentor

9. The very gust of air behind you betrays you.
(Only a few can decipher this.) #iMentor

10. The easiest prey of the devil is a man who
thinks he is wise. – Harkheindzel Kenny O.

11. Even if you take my voice, you cannot stop my
praise. #iMentor

12. The only thing that gives power to an illusion is ignorance. #iMentor

13. The widest door is the door of mercy. #iMentor

14. Knowledge is not a problem with this generation, the problem is the application of knowledge. #iMentor

15. The older you become, the less the significance of age as a number. #iMentor

16. Don’t be afraid when you face a giant, let the spoils you will take motivate your courage. #iMentor

17. Blessing is directly proportional to your capacity. You can’t ask for more when you have less space! #iMentor

18. The concept of love has long been misspelt. Love is proven by sacrifice and responsibility. #iMentor

19. A wise desperation will always amount into a breakthrough. Always! #iMentor

20. Wealth has its process. It can’t be skipped, to get it you have to be involved. #iMentor

Your iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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