Preparing for your seasons.

The different seasons are caused by the Earth’s
tilt. Seasons are unavoidable, it’s a principal principle that must be. Learning to manage your life during the seasons will show how successful you will become. Preparing well for these seasons will help make your life better and rid you of frustrations and anxiety.

What separates the happy from the sad is not just money or material possessions. The big difference is in knowledge. The application of this knowledge is what distinguishes you from the rest in good times and the not so good times.

Everything in life revolves as the seasons do. They come in year after year. A year is not always jan1. You should know this by now. A year begins when a certain process or event recalls or repeats in your life. Such events include, seasonal changes, birthdays, or anniversaries etc.


There are distinctively 4 seasonal progressions although sometimes they fuse so much into one another in some places that it becomes difficult to distinguish which is what.

I will explain some things about these periods and how you should manage and recognise them. I will use the already known terminologies and nomenclatures already familiar to you.

The seasons of live can be categorised into;



Spring begins on the 21st of March in the
Northern hemisphere. At the start of spring,

1. the days and nights are about the same length:

There is an undulating crest and trough which can affect many areas of our lives. In business, relationships, attitude. In this time, you will have equal chances of progress and development. In this period of life, you will need to be intentional about making positive efforts that can make you more productive.

2. the temperature increases and there’s usually a
lot of precipitation:

There’s lot of activities and as a result if care is not taken, alot of friction can be generated. Here you need to have a plan and follow it as much as you can. Work with priority and know what will give you more returns in the shortest possible time. You need to be innovative and creative in this season.
There is so much strength and youth! Make the best of this by learning and leveraging on those who have wisdom and experience to make things easier for you. This is usually a time of rain.. In every sense of it.

3. At the end of spring, the
days are longer than the nights:

When you realise that the day period seems longer as much as the energy and activity,don’t think things will go on like this . This is a time to start saving and investing it is a pointer to the fact that spring may be coming to an end and another season is around the corner . Every season comes with its changes, so learn to make good use of your strength and time when a season opens the door for it.

4. Plants start to
grow flowers and fruits and many animals
reproduce in spring:

This is the most productive season. You seem to have all things at your Beck and call. Job seems fine, relationship seems to be going smoothly with less effort. Don’t be deceived, it’s not you been good… It’s the season you are at the time. Learn to manage and invest in your love and life. Learn skills and up your game.



Summer begins on the 21 st of June in the
Northern hemisphere. At the start of summer,

1. The days are longer than the nights:
You will notice that this is similar to the end of spring. This is where the fusion of seasons occur, this is the point where you need to note and discern that the seasons are changing. The duration of these times depend on the season. And people being or living in the same place does not mean they are in the same seasons of life. This is not always the case.

2. The temperature is high and there is usually very
little precipitation:
Learn how to make a productive use of the heat in this phase of life. Just like in nature, this is a time when people go on vacation, wear less of thick clothing. People have learnt to adapt to the seasons, you also need to learn to adapt to these seasons in your family, relationships, career, and everything you are going through. The spirit is alive and active, this is not a time to be lazy, it is a time to work and save and earn and invest. The business minded fellows know this and thus put alot of attention and planning to returns and into profits in this season. You can also learn from this. Even though there is much heat, precipitation is not proportional so there could be some excesses you may need to set aside. Critically make your moves and work with an experienced mind.

3. At the end of summer the days start to get shorter:

the time, strength and stamina begins to abate at this stage of live. You start to notice that your speed and veracity isn’t the way it used to. At this time, you need to move from physical strength to adopt mental strength. Because this is what can pay you.

4. Lots of fruits are ready to eat
in summer:

The deeds of the days of spring begin to pay off. Returns on investments begin to show. It’s harvest time… Only if you planted when you should.



Autumn (or Fall) begins on the 21st of
September in the Northern hemisphere.

1. At the start of autumn, the days and nights are
about the same length:
On switching to mental strength, you realise returns from your works. Your experience and wisdom begins to make things happen for you. This is the age and time to start investing more into people than into structures. Pass what you know over to people… Selective wisdom is important to note at such a time.

2. the temperature
decreases and there’s usually a lot of

Less heat and activity but more results due to the investment into minds and human productivity. You become responsible.

3. At the end of autumn, the days are
shorter than the nights:

Towards the end, the days get shorter and the night gets longer. This is how to know that this season is drawing close to another end. You have more time on your hands though you still have to engage yourself mentally all the time. This is your best asset for this time.

4. Deciduous trees start to lose
their leaves and many animals collect food for
This is the stage where things become to drop! Lose figure, strength and value. The physical begins to degrade as time goes on. This is the point where it becomes obvious that you don’t have much time on your hands anymore. It’s time to give way to inevitability. What will keep you is no more the sparks or vibes (especially in a relationship) but the ethics and principles that have been built and inculcated.



Winter begins on the 21st of December in the
Northern hemisphere.

1. At the start of winter, the
days are shorter than the nights:
it now dawns that you have less time on your hands, everything around you begins to communicate this fact to you. For those who have not made use of their time of strength and activity, they begin to regret.

2. the temperature is low and there’s usually some
Occasionally there are times to make some corrections but in so little time. A slight time of redemption always come along but only to those who are dying to get it at any cost! With little or no entropy, opportunities are not as frequent as they seemed many seasons ago. This could be one of the last opportunities to make the best of your time… If only you can Lambano (lay hold of it!)

3. At the end of winter, the days start to
get longer:

Some never make it out of this season alive… But to those who do. Learn to pass the knowledge to those coming behind you.

4. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in
winter and many animals hibernate:

This however isn’t a time to lose hope especially for those who have made one or more mistakes in the seasons past. This is the time to be right. Think about the future… Your future! And make decisive plans to make something good of it. Not what you can enjoy… But what will create a leverage on your posterity and to those coming after you.

On a final note:
The trend of seasons doesn’t only apply to natural phenomenons. It also applies to our daily life experiences, our relationship, academics, marriage, career…It’s got an all round effect on individuals and corporate bodies alike. So do learn from this wisdom and make your life a story worth passing on to the future.

Plan your life, you cannot leave your destiny to chance ”

– Harkheindzel Kenny O.

May you walk in the faith of the Lord,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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