#iMentor with Harkheindzel Kenny O. #nowThatYouAreSaved

My #iMentor session for today.
Morning session

#nowThatYouAreSaved what next?



Salvation is the best gift we can get. But that is not the end. There are ethics of life we must be acquainted with.

Today I will share some lost gems of christian living. Let’s know how to do things right.
Being a Christian is not an excuse to remain silly and mediocre. There is more to life than staying an enslaved believer.

I trust you to be berean with this wisdom.

Here it goes…
1. Have you become worse than you were before your salvation. #NwdtURSaved

2. Salvation means you will make heaven, but don’t ruin the earth in the process. #NwdtURSaved

3. Because you have God doesn’t make you a lazy king who treats God as a servant. #NwdtURSaved

4. It is a call to be serious and responsible. This is where pple miss it. #NwdtURSaved

5. We are to continue from where Adam stopped. It’s not a cruise ride. It’s work! #NwdtURSaved

6. That’s why we now have an easy yoke.. Jesus didn’t promise us no yoke, He only gave us an easy yoke, a light burden. #NwdtURSaved

7. His yoke has become grace, that’s what makes things easy for us. #NwdtURSaved

8. You need to learn what I call Kingdom ethics. Princes learn the ways of the king #NwdtURSaved

9. Princesses learn the ways of d queen, so let’s learn the ways of God. #NwdtURSaved

10. Leave no chance to docile canal equilibrium. #NwdtURSaved


11. A fallow mind is a dangerous enemy. Avoid it at all cost! #NwdtURSaved

12. The spirit, mind n body need to be managed properly. #NwdtURSaved

13. Its partition tells us that we must mind all and manage em well. #NwdtURSaved

14. There is no such thing as a perfect 1/3. It’s only 3/3 that is perfect whole. #NwdtURSaved

15. This is why we must take charge of all three compartments. Spirit, soul n body. #NwdtURSaved

16. The Godhead is our model to attain this unity. #NwdtURSaved

17. We are to make use of the earth resources with the Kingdom in mind. #NwdtURSaved

18. Don’t leave it to unbelievers who lack the Kingdom mindset. #NwdtURSaved

19. Politically, socially, educationally, materially, and everything -cally. It’s ours to build. #NwdtURSaved

20. Stop being Phlegmatic, be Proactive. Dominate! Conquer! Go for it. #NwdtURSaved

21. Christianity is not just a religion. It’s an identity. So it should influence our actions. #NwdtURSaved

22. Religion shouldn’t break us down to retards and societal imbeciles. #NwdtURSaved

23. It should cause us to rise and do things better and more excellently, #NwdtURSaved

24. Let pple see your good works! Then they will glorify your father in heaven. #NwdtURSaved

25. This is Christianity! Supernatural feats. Doing things with another level of wisdom. #NwdtURSaved

26. Look at Daniel, Joseph, Paul, Jesus, they were proactive. They diint rely on religion, Grace launched them #NwdtURSaved

27. Don’t wait for a perfect time, do wot you have to do well, then grace will perfect it. #NwdtURSaved

28. Be enlightened, be wise, be vibrant, be relevant, but in all… Be Godly with an implacable standards! #NwdtURSaved

29. This is the course we must follow, break free from inhibiting traditions and norms. #NwdtURSaved

30. He who the Son sets free is free indeed! So why are you cuffing yourself in traditions? #NwdtURSaved

31. Stop that nonsense! You are free! Learn to stay free. #NwdtURSaved

32. Your edge is your new creation, fellowship, communion and obedience to God’s word. #NwdtURSaved

33. Christianity is not as hard as pple make it. Christ has made it so easy! #NwdtURSaved

34. What many lack is understanding. Lack of vision leads to destruction. #NwdtURSaved

35. Stay updated and upgraded always. Spiritual things aren’t static. #NwdtURSaved

36. A New day means a new upgrade is available. Sync up and connect daily. Always download! #NwdtURSaved

37. Pray without ceasing = download without ceasing. #NwdtURSaved

38. Always be filled! Full of the spirit meaning you have the most current upgrade version. #NwdtURSaved

39. This is what we must practise. Too many pple read d Bible with an old mind. #NwdtURSaved

40. That’s why we find it hard to apply the word in our daily deeds. #NwdtURSaved

41. Stop reading the bible upside down. Read it inside out! It’s a speaking word. #NwdtURSaved

42. The Bible is not a storybook. It’s a book of life. If you wanna live, then you have to read it! Always. #NwdtURSaved

43. There is so much to say… It can’t be done in a day. It’s a process. #NwdtURSaved

44. Today’s session is a seed. Let’s see how your heart will grow it. #NwdtURSaved

45. Grow in the word. It’s an experience like none other. The living word! #NwdtURSaved

46. Only the word can help you to live in the world. Without the word, everything will go wrong. #NwdtURSaved

47. This is where the cookie crumbles today. I hope ur heart treats these seeds well. #NwdtURSaved

I remain your #iMentor, Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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