My #iMentor session today is on a crux that is eating away the destinies of many people. It is called STEP FEAR!

This has nothing to do with relationships,so here,your step Bros, step dad and step ma don’t count.

I have been a mentor and a consultant for a while now, and I can categorically tell you that many people are yet to move. (you will get it in a moment).


There is a movement that matters more than gold or money. It is a movement that counts, one that matters, and one that can set alot of dominoes into action. Life is a process… Which are made up of steps.

Little steps, giant steps, steps of faith, risky steps and even sometimes “unsure steps” . But everything is a step.
The understanding of this step will make you or strangle you.

This is a step that the rich has discovered,
A step the poor will never make,
A step the slaves are scared to take.

Life is full of steps. Steps that must be taken. Funny enough many people talk about these steps, teach about steps but they never take such steps.

There are steps to prosperity, steps to greatness, steps to marriage, steps to ministry, etc.

If you do not take that step, you will remain a slave forever. Time is not your friend.

It is time to be bold, brave and daring to launch out and take those steps.

You have…
just one life to live,
one purpose to fulfill,
one man or woman to marry,
problems to solve,
innovations to evolve,
territories to conquer,
legislations to impose,
strongholds to dominate,
battles to be won,
consecrations to make,
sacrifices to endure,
storms to pass through,
valleys to sojourn,
hills to climb,
skies to dive,
opportunities to take,
decisions to make,
standard to maintain,
story to proclaim,
history to remake,
values to sustain and a name to create.

These are all steps that are not beyond our reach. Many people are myopic to the fact that we have all it takes to rise like a colossus, to soar like an edifice but the fears of our minds cripple us.

Many times, there is nothing to lose. The easiest category of people to make it are those who know that they have nothing to lose.

2kings 7:3-14 (in the Bible) is a beautiful account of some lepers who had nothing to lose,this state of seeming hopelessness brought about  the making of  a prophesy fulfilling step. Even though they were not aware of it at the beginning.

No great man knows the extent of his greatness from the start. He simply takes a step when he sees that he has nothing to lose.


When you have the right mindset and the right exposure, you will be able to break the strongholds of mind limitations and resistance.

Some people have not started a business because they are too pessimistic. (they don’t know if they will have customers, if they will be popular, if they will make money from it)

Some guys have not asked that lady out because they don’t know what she will say.

Some have not answered the call of God for their life because they want a perfect confirmation of absolute success. (I pity you! How dare you put God on voice mail. You put such call on hold?? . Am shaking my head for you)

Some have not started making that move to build their houses because they don’t have the full money.

If you are waiting for the perfect conditions, they will never come!

This is just on a lighter note:
If you have watched the cartoon “pinky and the brain”, I love the brain’s mentality and his creativity to fulfill his mission and vision. Even though he fails all the time, but that doesn’t stop him from trying every episode.
His vision is to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

This is the time to act, to move, to fall in love, to start a family, to start that ministry, to go to school, to run with the vision, to read more, to stretch your creativity, to spark up your ingenuity,…

Take the step.

Why will fear keep you bound for so long? Don’t let your best days pass before you. Get busy and start sowing.

The Seeds of greatness don’t usually look great initially, it always looks like a risk. But the eventual result will blow your mind.

Take that step today. Make that move today. I want to see you at the top… with me!

Till you hear from me soon,

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord.

Your #iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.



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