Bridge that gap!

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I will not be as nice in this post because my blood is very hot Right now! I am angry! Not at myself but with the way things are being handled.

Well, I must confess, a few things stirred up this emotion in me. When I woke up this morning, I have been busy thinking about life and the immense responsibilities we carry and sadly how people are ignorant or not exposed to this insight.

When I was checking my twitter handle recently, I came across an hashtag from Leke Alder (@leke_alder). He came up with the hashtag #timetravel. With this, I read how many people wished they had done things differently. Ranging from marriages, education, academics, career, hospitality, or even family issues.

The truth is, we are not perfect. But we are not stupid either! Moments later, I came across a forbes list of top 20 power females in Africa for 2013 and I was glad to see our own Tara durotoye (@taradurotoye) making us proud. This just got me thinking the more.

Where are the youths missing this? What’s wrong? What’s missing? What are we not getting?

Seriously looking at our times, it has become easier to become better with the technological innovation but why are we not making use of what we have. Instead I see the youths clamouring for vain things. (thank God the blackberry fever is reducing).

Our priorities are not rightly placed. I have been mentoring many youths lately and I feel so sad for some of them. They are so naive and silly a times. Though this is not a general syndrome.

I have come across some smart young lads and ladies who show great promise and future. They make the best use of exposure and mentoring. Their minds are renewed and apt to creative thinking. This is the trend I like to see. To this end, I try to do the best for the youths most especially those I mentor.

The next few years in this nation will tell a great deal if we don’t invest well in the youths. Alot of things will change within the next ten years. Politically, socially, and even economically. The few “sons of Asher” know what am talking about.

2014 is going to be a year of full activity and empowerment. But we need to be tuned to it to get most from it.

So I have a few words for the youths as well as the adults.

Listen to me,
You will not always be a youth, you will not always have your strength, you won’t be beautiful forever. This is the time you need to sow the seed of greatness. If at 22,23,24,25 you still don’t have a clue about your future then you are a ticking bomb!
This is the time to read books! I mean READ BOOKS! not the mills and boon (I dunno if I got the spelling right. I don’t read em) but books that will add values to you.

And this is a secret I have for you with books. It’s good to read books from across the seas, but as much as the topography is different so are some applications. Read more books by African authors too.

In addition, please I beg you, or should I prostrate? Get mentors! Mentors you can relate to and gain from. Your future depends on it.
I believe I have said enough for now. Will talk some other time on another day.

Hmmmm… (sighs), you are no more the future! YOU ARE THE PRESENT! and the way you live your present will determine the future of the youths. You should be example worthy of emulation in every good deeds. You should be an I spiration to the youths. Posterity must be passed, don’t pass problems… Instead pass a challenge for creativity and innovation. This is what we should do. Enough of being the bad Influence.
You are not exempted from learning. Keep reading and impact those behind you to greatness. You are the baton to the future.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I think I feel better after sharing this with you all. I believe in the future of this nation. Let’s make it work. We can do this! Let’s do this! Let’s bridge that gap and make this nation great!

This applies to every man on every nation that reads this post. You are the key! Teach and impact people daily. Make this a task and what you look forward to.

I will drop the pen for now to pick it up another time.

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


3 thoughts on “Bridge that gap!

  1. First and foremost, Well done. I really couldn’t agree more; the youth need to know their function and act!

    Secondly, the adults need to stop behaving like they are exempt from being educated. Fish that is smoked will become brittle if bent but a fish freshly caught will bend with much more flexibility. The human mind is far more superior than we give it credit for, don’t be bent in your ways, be open to learning and be humble, it’s the only way the youth are going to learn any humility themselves.

    And lastly, Keep going Kehinde, I’m always very encouraged by your words and your example, may God empower you.
    Take care bro. God bless.

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