It’s already December.

Seems just like yesterday when we all shouted happy new year! How time flies.


This year has been great! And I must say, I have achieved alot of my tasks and to do. My resolutions have been met to a great length.
I have met loads of lovely people who have made my life more meaningful. Those who have encouraged me to keep going, those that taught me even without them knowing they did. Those that kept my light up, great family and lovely friends.

On twitter, on Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, blogsites, and all social media platforms..

It has been wow! I have connected with more people… (I mean purposeful people). It’s all been great.

For all the faithful and loyal readers of this blog, I give a humble bow to you all as I say *arigatou*

Now to the word for the month:

It’s all been great, though with some ups and downs, some impromptu events, unexpected returns, disappointments and rewards, love and fears… But the truth is that all that has happened has made us stronger one way or another. Even though many people may not like where they are at the moment, but I tell you…. If you look back from January 1st,I tell you, you have alot of things to be thankful for.

Now it is time to be responsible,it is time to audit your life,find a way forward,make a viable plan,look into the future with hope.

The year is not yet over!!

There are still lots of hurdles to cross,lots of rewards to get,lots of prizes to catch, lots of great experiences.

I was at Tedx bodija rendezvous yesterday and one of the pieces that really touched me was a rendition that was titled #masteryOfTheMysteryOfTime. It was such a profound statement.

We all use 24hrs a day, but we all don’t have 24hrs. This is because you only have the time you put to good use. But beyond all of this, the time measuring instrument that matters the most is the heartbeat!

With each sounding beat… It shows you that you have a part to play,
a game to win,
a people to save,
a fear to overcome,
a seed to sow,
a life to live,
a project to complete,
a book to write (& read)
a problem to solve,
a destiny to fulfil,
a purpose to discover,
a talent to develop,
a skill to horn,
money to be made,
ends to be met,

In short.. Something to be done.

Never give up in yourself… Because I believe in you. You are a solution this world is waiting for. So stir up that creativity and challenge the innovation. You will be amazed how far you can go when you add discipline to hard work.

Enough been said, have fun this month, go on vacation, meet someone new, find love, ha e an adventure. Make this month a December to remember.

Thanks for the mails and feedbacks. You guys have made my year. I love you all!

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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