The Remnant: your place in the crowd.

The Remnant: your place in the crowd.


Many people are moving, but we are not all going to the same place. Our motives are different, our influences are different, our thoughts are different, what fuels and inspires us are different. As much as the multitude may be, within this multitude is a scattered remnant. Some are not aware that they are, and some have the purpose and call g to consecrate themselves for the responsibility of the remnant.

**The remnant is a recurring theme throughout the
Hebrew and Christian Bible. The Anchor Bible
Dictionary describes it as “What is left of a
community after it undergoes a catastrophe”. The
concept has stronger representation in the Hebrew
Bible and Christian Old Testament than in the
Christian New Testament .

Hebrew Bible

According to the Book of Isaiah , the remnant is a
small group of Israelites who will survive the
invasion of the Assyrian army under Tiglath-Pileser
III (Isaiah 10:20–22 ). The remnant is promised
that they will one day be brought back to the
Promised Land by Yahweh ( Isaiah 11:11–16 ).
Isaiah again uses the terminology during
Sennacherib’s siege of Jerusalem ( Isaiah 37 ).
The concept of the remnant is taken up by several
other prophets, including Micah , Jeremiah and
Zephaniah. The post-exilic biblical literature (Ezra-
Nehemiah , Haggai, Zechariah) consistently refers to
the Jews who have returned from the Babylonian
captivity as the remnant.

New Testament

New Testament verses that refer to a faithful
remnant include Romans 11:5 (“So too, at the
present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.”)
and Revelation 12:17 (“And the dragon was
wroth with the woman, and went to make war with
the remnant of her seed, which keep the
commandments of God, and have the testimony of
Jesus Christ”.)** (from Wikipedia)

This world is a big test, an ultimate trial… So see what the intent of man is, to see what he is predisposed to when it seems no one is watching. To see what he will do when he thinks he is free from supervision.

Many people are walking failures, doomed commuters, but this can be changed.

The purpose of the remnant:

They are the latent intercessor, those who hold the fortresses on their knees, those who serve as watchmen, repairer of the breech. It’s hard to see them because their deeds are not open to the world… It can only be spiritually discerned.
The remnant is a divine bargain chip or the people. When sodom and Gomorrah seemed to be having the fun of their lives, little did they know that there was a divine bargain going on for their sake between YHVH and Abraham(a remnant).

When the height of decadence rose and YHVH couldn’t take it again, he chose a remnant(Noah) To continue his plan for the earth and mankind.

While many people go about seeking God, God is on a quest of seeking out a remnant.

Joh 4:23 But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth,for the Father seeks such to be his worshipers.

There is an understanding that is open only to remnants, it is the understanding of the reverse of divine priority. God makes these people his priority but the sad truth is that the remnant are very few.

Isa 10:19 The remnant of the trees of his forest shall be few, so that a child could write their number.

It is from these remnants that a new order comes. The 12 disciples were remnants that were to change the world and wash it with the word of God.

Everyone cannot be a remnant because the life of a remnant is difficult for the nominal people. Their ways of life are considered wierd and incredible. But in this incredibility, this is part of what makes them special to God.

The endtime remnant:

Persecution will arise of them and many of them will be killed. But they will not give up their devotion to God.

1Ki 19:18 Yet I reserved seven thousand in Israel, all the knees of which have not bowed to Baal,and every mouth which has not kissed him.”

The remnants are like secret agents mixed in undercover assignments within the people, their mission involves, infiltration, substitution, warfare in the celestial, and other classified operations I will not give annotations on.

Don’t try finding them out because they cannot be found until their time to manifest comes. They are as angels in the midst of men.

The remnants are among us… Doing the perfect will of God. Learn from them.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Gen 45:7 God sent me before you to preserve for you a remnant in the earth, and to save you alive by a great deliverance.

Isa 1:9 Unless Yahweh of Armies had left to us a very small remnant,we would have been as Sodom; we would have been like Gomorrah.

Isa 10:20 It will come to pass in that day that the remnant of Israel, and those who have escaped from the house of Jacob will no more again lean on him who struck them, but shall lean on Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, in truth.

Isa 10:21 A remnant will return, even the remnant of Jacob, to the mighty God.

Isa 10:22 For though your people, Israel, are like the sand of the sea, only a remnant of them will return. A destruction is determined, overflowing with righteousness.

Isa 11:11 It will happen in that day that the Lord will set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant that is left of his people from Assyria, from Egypt, from Pathros, from Cush, from Elam, from Shinar, from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

Isa 37:31 The remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah will again take root downward, and bear fruit upward.

Isa 37:32 For out of Jerusalem a remnant will go out, and survivors will escape from Mount Zion. The zeal of Yahweh of Armies will perform this.’

Isa 46:3 “Listen to me, house of Jacob, and all the remnant of the house of Israel, that have been carried from their birth, that have been carried from the womb

Jer 23:3 I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all the countries where I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and multiply.

Zec 8:12 “For the seed of peace and the vine will yield its fruit, and the ground will give its increase, and the heavens will give their dew; and I will cause the remnant of this people to inherit all these things.

Zec 9:7 I will take away his blood out of his mouth, and his abominations from between his teeth; and he also will be a remnant for our God; and he will be as a chieftain in Judah, and Ekron as a Jebusite.

Rom 9:27 Isaiah cries concerning Israel, “If the number of the children of Israel are as the sand of the sea, it is the remnant who will be saved;

Rom 11:5 Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

To be continued…

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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