Faith can make you look stupid.


Few days ago, Something happened that prompted this writeup. My shirt was rough, I needed to prepare for church service in the evening, but there was no power(electricity). I asked Papi to bring the power so I could iron my shirt. (by the way, for those who don’t know, Papi is what I call God the Father).
He spoke softly and said,
“plug in the iron, then iron your cloth”.
I was Initially hesitant, but then I thought it was a test of faith. So I went to my room, took out my iron and started ironing my shirt (with no power!). I thought something supernatural would happen, but nothing happened. I looked stupid! Trying to iron without power. After I was through embarrassing myself. I hung the cloth back in the wardrobe(still rough).

But when I was through, I told Papi,
“but nothing happened”.
He looked at me and said, “something happened”.
“So what happened?”
“obedience happened”, he said.

To me nothing had happened, but to Him, alot just happened. Though am still looking at the shirt to see if it will straighten, but to God, my faith in him is enough.

This is the moral of my experience: sometimes when God tells us to do something, things may not go the way we think or the way we plan. But with God, our faith pleases him… And that’s enough!

Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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