Dealing with relationship heats.

Final #iMentor session for the week:

How to deal with the heat of #relationship
#dating and #marriage


This isn’t a small
matter. I will try to give the little I am permitted to give. #iMentor

A perfect #relationship #dating and #marriage
is one that has God as it’s centre. Hand it over
to God and behold the magic. #iMentor

I pray for you today that the Lord will make
your #relationship #dating and #marriage
experiences the best! #iMentor

Be creative, compassionate, dynamic and
understanding. #marriage works best with such
conduct. #iMentor

#marriage involves the whole of your being.
Spirit, soul and body. All sections must be
healthy. (I mean spirit, soul n body) #iMentor

Prayer can change almost anything. From
#relationship to #dating and in #marriage . This
is your only insurance. #iMentor

From time to time, take out time to pray for
your #marriage as a family. Do it together.
Holding hands in agreement. #iMentor


Put the whole of your heart into your
#marriage . Protect it with your life. #iMentor

Seek #marriage advice from those who have
been married for a while… 15yrs down the line
(at least.) #iMentor

#marriage eventually becomes the revealer of
true intent. Did you choose outer beauty over inner
virtue? #iMentor

When an environ is too static, Heat begins to
build up. #marriage is no exception. #iMentor

Exposure is necessary from time to time. It
brings a new air to your #marriage . Falling in
love all over again. #iMentor

#marriage is a beautiful experience created by
God. And he wants pple to enjoy it.. Forever!

When in #marriage and it seems it’s not working,
what do you do? #iMentor

1. Every external advice shouldn’t be treated as
an instruction. It’s a counsel you need to be
berean about. #marriage . #iMentor

2. Every person has a yield point. Use this and
bring up as occasion demands. (not for manipulative purpose!)
for correction and concord. #marriage . #iMentor

3. Never stay angry! The last time I checked,
Anger isn’t a fruit of the spirit. #marriage .

4. Never threaten your spouse with divorce.
Never bring it up! For no reason. #marriage .

5. After multiple trials and it seems not to work.
Pray harder before bringing a third party.
#marriage . #iMentor

6. Call your spouse, sit down and talk. Waking your
spouse to talk late at night has always worked
for the ladies. #marriage . #iMentor

7. Don’t assume! Find out what the problem is
and seek a lasting solution. #marriage .


Don’t bank on #dating a person that will ruin
your destiny! Don’t let go of purpose n vision.
Never! #iMentor

#dating: if all has been done and no positive
outcome. Then it’s better to let go. Letting go at
such stage is not a sin. #iMentor


However, there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution. The
issue is, are you willing to give all it takes to get a
solution? #dating . #iMentor

Don’t see your partner as a problem. The problem
is not a person,it’s an attitude. #dating.

Be sensitive to the feelings and limitations of
your partner. No one is perfect. Don’t believe
the fairytales. #iMentor

Be accountable to a spiritual authority even when
#dating . Such has been proven to work out
better and make things easier. #iMentor

Don’t go into #dating without a spiritual
covering! Let it be known to a leader in your church.

A Godless #dating is a worthless #dating . Let
God be your manager and counsellor. #iMentor

#dating becomes fun and lively when both parties
have a great personal fellowship with God.
Things just flow well. #iMentor

When God is always present in your #dating
experience, you have less issues to worry about. #iMentor

You don’t need to have #dating issues before
consulting God. Make him the Alpha and Omega, even from
the start. #iMentor

Experience is not the best teacher in #dating .
God is! So prayerfully consult him every step of
the way. #iMentor

Discuss with the other person and reach an
agreement. Don’t give in to manipulation. Be as
honest as possible. #iMentor

Facing issues in #dating involves patience. No
assumptions! Always deal with facts. #iMentor

#dating is a relationship that has wings. Friends
and friends of friends are also involved.

#dating test your skills in creativity and
Responsibility to impromptu events. Ideal test
of life. #iMentor

What is the common ground? (there is always
one in every #relationship). Build on this and you will have less problems in
#dating . #iMentor

Note that you are not the same. You may not
like or fancy the same things. But try to make
things work… #iMentor

Understanding and communication helps you
adjust to each others values when #dating .

#dating is not an end in itself. It’s a means to
an end, So adjustments are inevitable. #iMentor

Compromises are tolerable in #dating but don’t
do it at the expense of your vision! #iMentor

#dating requires understanding and a good
judgement of character. Since another person is
involved. #iMentor

Never go into #dating when you already have a
break up in mind. It’s not healthy. #iMentor

#relationship can be restructured. #dating can
be stopped, but #marriage isn’t as easy as just
letting go. #iMentor

There is always a way out, a way to make things better. It’s not farfetched. You just need to follow the guidelines and principles.

With these I hope you can make use of these logos Sophia and give your life a sweeter meaning.

I wish you a great life,
a wonderful relationship,
a memorable dating
and a blissful marriage.

Your iMentor,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.
(a son with a message)


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