The cancer of assumption.


It’s very easy to cook up something in your mind. It becomes worse when you believe what you cook up. With this people have been living lives on assumptions. This is a disease eating away the hope and future of young people. Assumptions doesn’t only apply to the young, but also to the aged, the males and the females, the lay and the learned. I will highlight just a few factors affecting this issue.

#the Family.
The family is the basic social unit of life. If the family is living on a wrong assumption, then the mistake is already made. The issue is that many people are ignorant of this problem. Here you see a family dictating the profession of a child based on wrong assumptions and wrong influence. This is where many problems begin. Parenting is more than just procreation, It’s destiny management! We will all be answerable for the lives our children eventually live because we are the first influence they have.

#the Society.
When everyone is going in the same direction… Then the way seems right in their eyes. The society had placed many standards for people. Ranging from corruption to indecent dressing, unpurposeful importation of westernization. All these false assumptions are killing our future. There need to be a shift from this oblivious coma! It all points that people lack vision and purpose.. So they will just follow suit with that they feel is right. (and most times, they are always wrong)

When all else fails, people look to the saving grace of leaders. This includes the schools, firms, religious institutions, media, etc. People believe leaders have the exposure to know what is right… They ought to, but how many really do. Many people look up to the wrong leaders. How can the blind lead the blind? This kind of relationship has an inevitable calamity impending.


Only a few people know the right way, that’s how it’s always been. But how many people are ready to listen to the new voice? The new modus operandi? The new code of conduct? How many people are really willing to change? Or are we still assuming things will change on their own? Are we assuming things will miraculously get better? This is fools paradise. Wake up!

If you take no action, you will remain stationed at your lowest valley. Follow after impact and not assumptions.
How far as assumptions led you. You become a slave to assumptions. You are not sure of anything…. Diving on false hope.
Assumptions dictated:
Where you work,
What you are doing,
Where you live,
who you got married to,
What you eat.

Stop this laziness! You have just one life to live. Why not make it count! Assumptions will not take you to the promised land… It only promises you a promised land that doesn’t exist. Only vision, purpose, persistence, right association, right mental shift will get you a chance.

I don’t joke with the God factor. Miss this and you miss it all. Without him, we can do nothing. It is in him we live, move and have our being.

Launch out of the mediocre valley, presumptuous assumptions is a killer! A destiny shrinker! It bleaks visions. Move out! Stand out!
This is the decision your destiny has been waiting for. Take it now! You can do it. You have all it takes.
I believe in you.

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


2 thoughts on “The cancer of assumption.

  1. Oh my Lord…this is just it. We have assumed ourselves into destruction. lLord have mercy.

    Please can you give permission to reproduce this in a church bulletin for the benefit of enlightening others.
    Expecting your response.


    Gbenga Akinyode

    • Sure gbenga, as long as the credit remains mine. All publications on this post can be used for the right cause as long as permission is sought and credits given.

      Thanks for the comment.

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