My Job.

This is a compressed #myJob tweetverse. I hope it blesses you.


Employability is the problem many people have… I mean the youths more especially. They’ve got it all wrong.
Many people don’t still understand the reason we are sent to school.
Going to school is not just to become that manager or that executive in fancy suits.
Education is to raise our mind capacity to the demand level of our current age and time. It’s a platform of operation.
So your certificate is just like a teller that shows you have made a deposit into your mind.
When people falsify their certificates, they harm themselves on the long run. Because eventually there will be nothing to withdraw from when occasion demands for it.

You cannot claim to have $7milion in your account when what we really see is N433.59. It just doesn’t follow.
Whether you know it or not, the way we behave tells us alot about our mental capacity and exposure. The way we answer questions, the way you sit, the way you compose yourself.
This is why oral interviews are very important. At this point, you cannot fake what you don’t have.
To get a job, don’t become job oriented. Instead become a problem solver the little way you can.
Discover a talent, horn your skills, solve problems, grow in your problem facing confidence.


Look around you, there is always something around you that can fetch you money. But money is not just the issue, the issue is in finding a solution.
Something is key! It’s called persistence to excellence. David had it, Joseph had it, Daniel had it. (in the bible)

Even when there isn’t a job available. One would be created just for you.
It is when you discover yourself in line with your purpose, then jobs will be created for you. Jobs will find you.

The laws of #myJob are as follows:
He who searches never finds, but he who is buried in a mind of impact gets it.
You become a job before you get the job. Be sensitive to the trials along your way.
When you pray for victory, you get battle. When you pray for strength, you get difficulty.


Like I always say. Potential does not put food on the table. Mechanical does. Potential + kinetic = mechanical.
Potential is what God gives you. Kinetic is what you must do to get it. Mechanical is the outcome.

Study to open and develop your mind for the level of outcome you have the potential to overcome.

Attention! You have reached the permitted level. Going further will attract consultancy fees.
So I guess this is where the cookie crumbles. Higher level of info is above your paygrade and paycheck.

(final words) be proud of who you are. Use your personality and knowledge to impact people positively. Be a problem solver.
Till next time, Remember that #myJob is not what I strive to do, but it is what flows easily from my inside out.
That would be all for #myJob. Be wise with my words. Put it to diligent use.

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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