The missing Kingdom witness.

A witness is someone who has, who claims to have,
or is thought, by someone with authority to compel
testimony, to have knowledge relevant to an event
or other matter of interest. In law a witness is
someone who, either voluntarily or under
compulsion, provides testimonial evidence, either
oral or written, of what he or she knows or claims to
know about the matter before some official
authorized to take such testimony.

The testimony of a witness has great power of trust and validity. But the sad truth is that the witness that matters most in this time is missing.


So where is the witness?
Who will bear the testimony?
Who has seen it?
Who has felt it?
Who has lived it?
Who knows about it?

Have we lost all the witnesses? Are they on some form of vacation? Are they on strike?

The office and place of witness is paramount in the Kingdom. The prophets were witnesses during their times (acts 10:43), the apostles and believers in the early church were fervent witnesses (acts 14:3),even Paul was appointed a witness for Jesus and the Kingdom of God (acts 22:14-15).

But it seems witnessing is becoming extinct, for only a few remnant are still passionate about it.
The Lord is raising prophets and apostles who have been sent the testimony of a witness of Jesus. But there is a greater plan. He has called us all to be witnesses…!
We are to show Jesus to the world. We are to live the life of the Kingdom even here on earth. We are to show the excellence, the prosperity, the health, the love, the faith and the works of the Kingdom. This is what we need to witness to people around us. In our place of work, in our businesses, everything around us should be a witness…. A LIVING WITNESS!

Many people claim to be believers, but they witness nothing about the Kingdom, they only register their attendance in a local assembly every Sunday, asides that, they have no Impact for the Kingdom.

I look around and I see many people bearing false witnesses, they dress ridiculously, they speak without temperance, their ways are vain and vague, their similitude profane and licentious. Where did we go wrong?

Are there no more pastors who preach the pure gospel? are the prophets not seeing well? Have the apostles been compromised? Are the teachers teaching obsolete doctrines? Are the evangelists being silenced? What is really happening?

We have a choice and a mandate to take the gospel to the ends of the earth… This is via our testimony and lifestyle, this should be our witness.

In the early church, there was a daily record of miracles, signs and wonders because there was daily witnessing. The power of God always shows up when witnessing is taking place. If we want to bring back the days of power and the word of God, then we need to step on the gas and move our witnessing to another level.


There is a call in the spirit crying out:
“whom shall we send, who will go for us? Who will testify, who will bear witness?”

Many people don’t want to answer this call anymore. In fact, they have recognised this number and they have blocked it from their phonebook. They have diverted it to their voice mails.

It is time to raise witnesses again. Those who have seen, heard and more importantly believe in the testimony of Jesus. Those Who will go across borders, into uncharted territories, into sealed zones and raise their voices to bear a witness to the TRUTH. Even though opposition will arise against them, but the testimony cannot be stopped. In the early church, the death of a single martyr bought thousands of sound to the church. This is supernatural. And it’s gonna happen again. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of salvation. It cannot be stopped. Even the two witnesses that shall arise according to the records in the book of revelations were endued with power, even though they were opposed and killed, but the testimony brought them back to life, they were raised and ascended to heaven in broad daylight before the whole world.

A true witness never dies. He is eternally insured. Let us therefore invest in this witness bearing Kingdom business. Let the missing witnesses come out, let the tired witnesses be restored in strength, let the faithful witness keep on with it.

It is time to testify before the world!
You are a living believing witness! That’s all you need.

No capital needed,
No experience is needed.

When it is time to testify, the words you will speak will be given to you.
Unleashing soteria … Lambano soteria!

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord,
Harkheindzel Kenny O
(a son with a message)


4 thoughts on “The missing Kingdom witness.

  1. Amen! same to you too sir… Many witnesses seem to be lost or hiding. It also applies in our physical life

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