Say what you want to see!


The year is going to an end, but sadly, many people still have expectations. Some still have resolution to act out. Others have plans they want to see manifest, some are still waiting for prophesies to be fulfilled. So the remaining days of this year are full of potentials and blessing… Blessing people do not wanna carry over into the next year.

The truth is this, YOU ARE THE PROPHET OF YOUR DESTINY. what you say goes a long way in what you become. The power of confessions cannot be belittled. It is so potent that it holds the key to many people’s breakthroughs. The only thing with confessions is that people get tired of speaking it. The reason why confessions need to be said again and again is for the faith “to bring forth” to be stirred up within us. That’s just it.

I remembered saying this to some people long ago during a mentoring session. I said, “the easiest way to start to prophesy is to declare the word of God from the bible”. This is the easiest way. Although in time, we need to grow and Trust the spirit more and more.. But the foundation of all things is in the word of God.

In as much as you have not seen all you have asked for in the year, you need to keep confessing them. Some people are not tenacious enough for their breakthrough. They get fed up at the slightest opposition and resistance.
When a man fails In the day of adversity, it just means that his strength is small.

You can stir up your strength by praying, meditating and confessing the word of God. Calling thing forth as though they were… This is the power of positive confession, and this is what you need for the remaining days of this year.
The kingdom suffers violence, and only violent men can lay hold on it.

This year won’t wait for you, if you are not strong and violent to Lambano your portion, it will just go and you can kiss those prophesies goodbye. But if you believe you won’t miss any portion this year, then you need to launch out for it with every tenacious violence you have got! By prayer and supplications with Thanksgiving, let your requests be made known u to God.

Having a few days consecrated to fasting coud catalyse things also. It should how serious you are and how ready you are to give it all it takes.

My prayer for us is that this year will not elope with any blessings apportioned to us in Jesus name.

Praise awaits you! Stretch forth in faith and work out your destiny with all diligence and seriousness. The testimonies are already flooding in. You will not miss your own.
Once again, happy new month.

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


2 thoughts on “Say what you want to see!

  1. I enjoyed reading over your post. Spoken and written from the heart of a disciple.
    My prayer- may you go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit, in the authority of Yeshua our Messiah!

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