Talent management.


Here is a compilation of the hashtag #talentManagement that treaded on my twitter timeline. I believe it would do many people some good. Sit back and soak in these words.


What are you doing with your talent? Multiplying it, abusing it, or hiding it? You will give account soon.

You use your talents to find your purpose. Your talent is your prosperity seed.

Never compare your success with others. We all don’t have the same talent, even if we do, we don’t have the same responsibility.

As far as God is concerned, the guys given 5 talents and 2 talents were 100 % successful in their results.

What drives your passion? What changes or Innovations do you see?

What is that one thing that can give you a huge sigh of relief if accomplished?

Knowing your talent is not just enough, you need to develop it and also learn to creatively package it.

Give time to find mentors who will help you with the needed exposure to grow your scope and expand your horizon.

Who are those doing what you have passion for? How are they doing it? Where are they doing it?

Your talent is not an end… But a means to an end.

When you mix a dose of pride into your talent, your level of productivity drops.

Your talent grows as you use it…Not for yourself or on yourself but for those around you.

You are made to naturally see the problems your talent can solve… How well are you looking ?

Take time to discover and manage your talent. Do not be a jack of all trades.

If you focus your time to the few things you can do better. Your outcome grows a hundred folds. Proven and true.

Dig deep into your talent and be excellent at what you do. No matter what you do. Use the adjective #excellent on your talent.

Whether you k ow it or not, people notice how you do things. What are they looking for?

They are watching to see if your excellence will be short lived or it will be consistently sustained.

The moment you pass the test of time… You are made for life. As long as you keep getting better at your talent.

If people are not yet talking about you. It doesn’t mean that they are not seeing you. Keep working.

You will be surprised at how people will describe you when they describe your talent. That’s the key to growth.

People want to be sure you are for real before they make the move to invest in your talent. So give it time.

Pro 18:16 A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.

Your talent is the platform for eternal reward. Don’t lose that.

You will be judged or rewarded based on your deeds – how you used your talent.

Don’t be fooled. There is an expected returns of your capacity, if you don’t fulfill the volume, there’s no full reward.

To whom much is given, much is expected. Your capacity is your honour – percentile.

You don’t need some people in your life, you should choose your friends with your talent – bias.

Making the wrong friends can truncate your destined outcome. Look for purpose accelerators and not inhibitors.

An eaglet that moves with ducks will not fulfil purpose. Look up and see your talent mates take to the skies!

If a cub moves with a dog, the best it can do is to bark. Not knowing there is a potential to roar in it.

Finally, the last thing I wanna discuss is the location of your talent.

The location of a talent determines its exposure and efficacy.

Many people rush to Europe, Asia and America because they know its exponential surgence on a given talent.

However, to move to a location. There are a few things to consider.

1. The people your talent is meant for
2. The kinda outcome you expect
3. The exposure you need.
4. It’s cause or impact. ( vertical or horizontal)

Vertical cause in such that it helps an underdeveloped area grow in development.

Horizontal cause in such that it helps an already established environ.

And above all, DO NOT PUT ASIDE THE GOD FACTOR! It is a “piece du resistance ”

So in all we do, please. Don’t give up on your talent. It needs you just as you need it.

With these few points of mine, I believe you can go out today and put your talent to work. To good use.


I am a son with a message, Talent management is purpose management. God bless you all. #curtainDrops.

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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