Who are you?


“79% of readers have already given a wrong answer to this question.”

Many people will answer this question with: “my name is…. “. This is so wrong! I didn’t ask you what your name was, I asked you who you are.

Funny enough, you are not the determinant of this question. The reason most people can’t answer this question correctly is because they really have no idea of who they are. The only clue they have is usually abysmally out of proportion. The answer they give to this question is, “who do you think you are?”. This is the question you can answer for yourself even with your eyes closed. This is because it plays well on your fantasy and wild imagination.
Imagine a man having a username called ‘superman’, only to see him and realised that he should have called himself something like… Erm…. Ummm…. Feebie (short for feeble).

Let’s take this somewhere personal. I go on twitter to see lots of people fooling themselves, they prefer to use exaggerated adjectives or unrealistic names… We just love fooling ourselves. You see stuffs like @prettychic, @damsel4eva, @mosthandsome, @richdude,@queen @divalicious and so one.(no offence if you belong to this group). This is a pseudo capture of our true identity and if we are not careful, we will lose hold of what’s really real… Just like in the movie “inception”.

#who am I? Is a question that can only be answered by the perception of people about you. This is statistically right… It eventually pans out to be true. You cannot get the truth about yourself by yourself… It’s just not possible. It is only through the honest opinion of others that the truth about you can be gotten.

Only people who have met with you on one occasion or the other can tell you who you really are. How do you know this..
Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when your name is mentioned is an almost true indicator of your personality. What your influence is to people, how they view you. Etc.

Who you are cannot be defined by presence alone, it is better defined by action. This is the reason why a lot of people get the wrong idea with just your presence.
When your true person shows up, you hear words like:

“you are not the person I used to know”

“what has come over you? ”

” you have changed”

“I didn’t know ow you were like this”

“what took over you?”

“you used to be______ and______ some while back”

The expressions can go on and on.

The truth a times is, some people are not at peace with who they are, so they play another personality when they are in the midst of people. This should not be so. As for me, I am Harkheindzel Kenny and I am proud to be so.

To end this, there is always a way out. But you will need to be disciplined and honest with it. What defines who we are is a factor of out habits, temperaments, and decisions. So to have a new and better outlook, then you need to inculcate good habits, and in time, it starts to reflect in who you are.

When your mind is renewed, it reflects in everything about you.

Finally, you cannot put aside the God factor, only with him can you find your true identity. So its not having a good identity alone that matters, it’s more about having a God identity.


So every day, you need to know how people will view you. So before you go out, ask yourself,
“who am I?”

Have a great week.

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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