Too lazy to be free?


What is the cost of freedom?
What are its limits?
Is there an euphoric feeling associated with freedom?
How realistic is freedom?
Is humanity really free?

Here are lots of questions to ask about what freedom is. Some people see freedom as luxury, others see it as space. Some see freedom as peace, others see it as power.
Freedom means a lot to a lot of people. Females see freedom as gender equality, some see freedom as vengeance. Freedom is way more than all we may think.

The price for freedom is a continuous effort and drive to become better. Freedom comes when you are the best you can be, doing things at your possible best, making the best impact with the materials and resources at your disposal.
But I have noticed that most people are afraid to be free…. To be truly free.
People hide under the umbrella of others, those they believe can give them a sense of security. They believe that as long as their needs are met, that’s enough for them.
I haven’t seen any other form of slavery than this.

People just choose to remain slaves, the chance to be free comes before them everyday, but they choose to fold their hands and retract into their shells of penury and pseudo security. All I can attribute this to in one word is… LAZINESS!

people are too used to the follower mindset that they fail to realise that we were all born leaders. It depends on how we view leadership.
Leadership is not power, it is a walk in purpose. This truth has been lost in the sands of Time, thanks to the ignorance of our forefathers.

But I am happy that many people are breaking free from the jail or slavery… Mental, physical, and even spiritual.

The moment you settle for less… You prove that you don’t want to be free.

It’s time to wake us, step out of that comfort zone, destroy it! Move ahead, never look back. Just keep moving and keep advancing. This is what we need to change the society. We need to get rid of those who are power hungry, money gluttons, those who have no regard whatsoever for the future of this race. Take the bull by the horn, pay the price and watch things change… Slowly but surely.

Arise! O compatriots. Let us not fail this generation.

This is enough words to ponder on for now. There are destinies in your hands. What you do will affect them either for good or for bad. Be bold, make a step that the future generations will be thankful you made. There is a lot more than just money and cheap popularity.

Ponder on this and take a step that leads to the light.

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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