My message.


I have crossed that line, never to go back.
I have gazed into the glory, never to look back,
I have been raised to him, never to be drawn back.
I have been bought with a price, I have been born anew.
It’s too late! I am dead to sin. I am out of darkness, now I live in the light. I see the light. Now I know the truth, that I have been living all along in darkness, that I had been a slave to sin, cursed by the law.
But now I am free, free, purified and sanctified. I am called of God for God. In him I live, move and have my being.
I am a child of God. I am not more of the world. I am of his Kingdom, the Kingdom of God.

I used to be afraid of the devil. But now, I know better,
I used to fear the darkness, but now I see better.
I used to move with self righteousness and the spirit of religion, but I get it now.

I am not my own, I am bought with a price.
The grace had don’t it all.
Christ had won, all I need to do is to live the victory,
Walk the supernatural,
Do the miraculous,
Live the Kingdom life, walk in love,
Obey his word,
Listen to his spirit,
And fellowship with the Father.

Yahweh is my way,
What else can I say,
When the world goes astray,
His word in me forever stays.

The devil lost the war,
Now all he can do is to roar,
He lost with the ressurection of the Son,
Now we sing thy Kingdom come,

The days of grace seems to be forgotten,
The power of the only begotten,
Who started the ministry at thirty,
He came to fill all those who are thirsty.

We all await the rapture,
A fulfilment of the scriptures,
The trump that seals salvation,
Which will fix us back to the purpose of our creation.

My name is Harkheindzel,
Some people call me an angel,
God’s message in me determines my nature,
In him I am eternally structured.

Now this must come to an end,
Remember Daniel in the lion’s den,
Even in the persecution he did stand,
Because upon him was God’s mighty hand.

This is not just some poem,
If it was I would have puked out my phlem,
Remember He is the vine we are only the stem,
We are not of the world, so let’s not join them.

We are here on earth to preach the word,
So in Christ we should remain as hard and solid as a rock,
Remember on the cross what Jesus saw,
The price he paid with his body and blood.

I feel like this message should not end,
But people need to hear this on the other end,
whether you like it or not, the world comes to an end,
So remember by God to them you have been sent.

Vanity upon vanity,so says the Preacher, all is vanity,
Don’t be moved by the ethics of the society,
In this word of God you will find serenity,
You have a reward that will last for eternity.

Heaven or hell, your choice it must be,
When you close your eyes, tell me what you see,
Salvation is what you truly need,
Just as a forest doesn’t count without a tree.

I could go on and on with this.
But I believe these words resonate with your spirit.
Don’t forget the reason why you are here,
Because we will all give account at the end.

A son with a message,
Harkheindzel Kenny O

(Harkheindzel Ministries)
Unleashing soteria… Lambano soteria!


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