Why you need a mentor.


I hope you won’t mind if my personality stains this post, I don’t think I have a better way of putting it. I just can’t help it, am original and unique. I don’t do things the way others so it. That’s what makes me *Harkheindzel* in the first place. (if you are new and don’t know the meaning of that name, Pls go to the about section for more info).

Fathering and mentoring has become more than just luxury, it’s a necessity we all most inculcate… By force or by fire! Over my years of experience, I have come across some people who are so impetuously cocky, need I add and rude! They seem to know all. Little do they know that there is more ahead of them.
I always tell people, an individual can go very fast, but together we can go far. The journey before us is not one of speed, but one of endurance and help. You just can’t get there on your own. At this time, a lot of things needs to be done fast, cuz we don’t have much time. This is one reason why a mentor is needed. There are insights you need to catch that you need to build on.
Anointing alone cannot do it. Remember Lucifer was anointed!

You need a mentor that can help you and make things easier for you. He or she doesn’t have to be as popular as everyone else. What matters is, he or she has what you need. A mentor is not your atm machine where you go make financial withdrawals. No! He or she is a fountain where you can drink from… In wisdom, experience, and knowledge.


The relationship with a mentor should be spelt out and known to both parties. I have heard a lot of people calling me their mentor, people I don’t see or hear from even once in three months… I don’t know who is deceiving who.

There is nothing wrong with having more than one mentor, in fact I will suggest you do. But never make the mistake of comparing them. The moment you do this, you are heading for a vortex that will eventually flush you out of the system.
Take time to pray about it before formally approaching the person. Of course there could be casual mentors who you could be friends with. It make the networking smoother and easier.

And to the mentors:
Please make yourself approachable. Be current and keep improving yourself. Never see those you mentor as scum, remember you were once like them… One way or another.

The goal of any mentor is to leave a legacy and the goal of the mentored is to do better than his or her mentor.
A mentor is not the end, not the best, not the destination. But actually a Window into another dimension and plane of endless possibilities.

I am a Christian so I cannot abase the place of the Holy spirit. I remember the first time I saw my mentor, our spirits connected instantly(well at least from my perspective). Later when we started talking and relating I realised that my mentor also felt the same connection when he first saw me.
I am not suggesting you coming up with some mundane pickup line for your mentor. The important thing is…. Always be led by the Holy Spirit.

The times ahead of us need matured youths. And the only way to accomplish this is for the youths to open up to mentorship as early as possible.

I pray our lives will not be lived out of purpose.

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


One thought on “Why you need a mentor.

  1. This is spot on. I’m mentoring at the moment and i find that mentees think they can call you once a month and consider it as satisfactory. Not in this life it isn’t. It’s about relationship and dedication. I receive a similar sort of behavior from some students i teach. They believe your pen is a magic wand that will make all their work load disappear! My advice to students and mentees out their is to put in your everything, work your hardest and above all pray because its not by power or by might but by God’s spirit. As for you mentees and teachers pray for wisdom, knowledge understanding, and patience…lots of patience. Harkheindzel is more than accurate! Keep it coming Kehinde! May God bless you in your endeavors and beyond!

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