World watch prayer.


I stand in my authority in the name of Jesus Christ. I therefore legislate, impose and mandate the will of YHVH upon the earth, the nations, tribes and tongues.

I stand in my prophetic grace and office and I call forth the four winds of the earth, I potentiate them to become the storm of YHVH and I send them to ravage, desolate and destroy every coven of darkness and wickedness!
Out of my mouth issues the fiery sword of YHVH and I send it to judge every act of tyranny against the people of God, the body of Christ. Every persecution, molestation, captivity against the church… I rebuke in Jesus same.

I command peace to christendom today. This day I transpose the news to become good news. The gospel will be popular again, miracles will take the headlines again, the supernatural life will come naturally to us again.

I declare the light of hope to shine on every dark alley of hopelessness. I speak life into every dead situation. Every captive for the cause of Christ is declared free!

The life of YHVH flows and swallows poverty, death, sicknesses and diseases. The triumphant power will be unleashed and the world will see the light of the Word!

All flesh shall see together as the glory of YHVH is revealed, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.

We dominate, we take charge, we win!

Harkheindzel Ministries

*Harkheindzel Kenny O*


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