Month of unabated praises


Though the storms rise,
though the tempest rages,
in every situation,
choose to stand worshipping God.

It’s a wonderful month, the ninth month of twelve months, sooner or later, the year gradually rolls to an end. We all have plans and pursuits and resolutions. Some have been met, others have been lost, some have been displaced. But in all things, look beyond your plans and give God the praise. Most people don’t see a reason to praise God because they look at their situation and circumstances first before praising. That’s not how to praise. Take off your eyes, heart and mind from all things around you, look up and thank God for who he is, not for what he has done. When you do that, the rivers will surely flow out from you.

Praise God more than you think throughout this month. When God command you to praise, it means there is a victory ahead, it means a breakthrough is close, it means excellence and prosperity are around the corner. You may not see it, but God does. So trust him this month and give him praise for who he is, then you will experience far more than you bargained for.

Praise from your heart, where you see every word and you mean every statement. In reverence, obeisance and obstinate enthusiasm before the throne of grace.

It’s time to put on your dancing shoes, you don’t need cash to use this shoe. You just put it on and give all praise to him who deserves it all.

Let your lifestyle be that of worship. Let worship be the first and last thing that comes from your lips in all events and situations no matter the degree or gravity.

Remain standing up for Jesus in all you do. Take your place in the heavens and shake the powers of the skies with your wave of praise and worship. You will be surprised at the guddies that will drop as a result.

Stay blessed and stay humble in holiness.

May you always walk in the faith of the Lord,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.



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