Stand up for Jesus! #SU4J


Few days have passed after the 2013 edition of the choice souls media camp meeting tagged; stand up for Jesus.
It’s been a very worthwhile moment.

People are back to their environs and possibly shrinked back into their comfort zones. Well, this should not be the case. A lot of momentum had been gathered during the camp. These momenta should be utilized for the right purpose. Those who emerged from the camp should be different from those who came in on the first day. It is time to put our faith to the test.

#SU4J is not a camp for us to come for our needs to be met, it is for us to edify ourselves to touch and impact the world the right way.

#SU4J from now own becomes a household name, it’s a check for us all. It’s a choice we have made, one we should stay with. When Rev Funlola Craig, gave her prophetic message. Beyond all she said, you could see the passionate burning desire of a true mother who knows what’s right for her children, pst Chingtok took it to another level, opening a once forgotten portal of celestial worship which spread like wild fire. Pst chidi charged the environs with the spirit of intercession while pst Femi Adun, Israel Daniels, broadened our minds and hearts to the true essence of who we should be in Christ.
Pst Gideon mba, the host, made it known who we are and who we are not! All the ministers came with a piece of the Kingdom, like a puzzle put together.

Now, it is time for us to make our decision. #SU4J is a decision, not just a mere religion! It is what we must do. We should stand and take a stand for Jesus everywhere we find ourselves.

The camp is over, but the movement continues. We are to remain resolute for the Kingdom! For Jesus! Come what may.

Now we are dispersed, the trials of our faith will show sooner than you think.. And it’s gonna stay longer than you imagine. But in all these things, know that we are more than conquerors!
Don’t give up
Don’t give in
Hang on
Hold on
Stand up and
Stay on!

Till the battle is won and the Kingdom unleashed.

A voice to be reckoned with,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.
(Harkheindzel Ministries)


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