Logos prophetic


I woke up around 2:18am this morning with a prophetic word in my spirit. Even though it is short, I must post it because it is the word of the Lord. Even if Yahweh tell me to post only a comma(,), I will do so.
So here is the logos, I believe this is for someone out there. Lambano!

Logos prophetic:
When it seemed Joseph had a setback in life, he envision greatness but all he could see instantaneously was slavery and Imprisonment. Little did he know that he was being taken through the underground tunnel of life to imerge at the other end into his destined greatness. I decree into your life, whatever setback it seems you are in, God is using it to channel you to the place of your glory! Can I hear a loud Amen?

Yours in the faith,
Harkheindzel Kenny O

*Harkheindzel Ministries* “Unleashing soteria, lambano soteria!


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