Stand up for Jesus.

Remember that hymn stand up for Jesus? The lyrics remain potent even up to this day. Salvation is not just about we getting to heaven. If that was the case, we would have been taken up the very moment we give our lives to Jesus.

It is time for us to know that the world is this way because the Christians refuse to do what they ought to do. The reason why it’s not completely lost is because there are some few Christians who are doing what they ought to be doing for the kingdom even right here from earth.
Jesus said we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. He didn’t say we are the light and salt of the kingdom of heaven. This means we have some work to do right here on earth before Jesus Comes for his bride.

It’s time for us to stand up for Jesus amidst this dark and gloomy world. This is our stand, this is what we must do. And we must do it collectively, together and simultaneously in unity. This will result in the perfection of the body of Christ.


Enough of the division, enough of the demoninationalism, enough of doctrinal differences. I have found a way to settle this century old score amongst the demoninations.

We need to stand up for Jesus as individuals and as a church, as organisations and as companies, as firms and as businesses, as men and as women. We must all come together and act together…. TOGETHER!

There is a movement for this cause, purely for Jesus! Not for a church or in the name of a church!

For this cause, a camp meeting will be held on August 27 – 31 2013, DONT MISS IT.
The venue is at faith plaza behind cms school, Bariga. Lagos state, Nigeria.

Below is the registration details.

“General registration fee: N2,500 (includes feeding and accommodation within
Registration starts from 1st of July, 2013.
Early registration is from 1st of July to 18th of August, 2013.
Early registration fee: N2, 000.
Registration fee after August 18th is N2,500.
Group registration of 10 participants attracts a discount of 10%(for teenagers
Shared room: #2,500 per night.
Standard room: N3,000 per night.
Suite: N5,000 per night.
For special accommodation bookings and camp registration enquiries, call Temi –
08033440829 or Oyindamola – 08033529892 respectively.
Child care services also available during camp.
Make a cash deposit into CHOICE SOULS MEDIA Account No: 1006181050. Bank –
Log on to and follow the instructions.
Note: Please ensure that you pay in your registration fees first, before filling the
registration form online, as your registration will not be successful without your
payment details.
Also your registration is only complete when you receive a mail or SMS from Us.
Print the mail and come with it to the campground for confirmation.”

Having done this. Let us come together from all corners of the world and amalgamate to stand up for Jesus.
Let us move with a kingdom mindset from now on. In out choices, relationship, family, schools, work, career, in everything we do.

It’s time to have a feel of heaven on earth. And this will make it happen.

I will be expecting you.

I love you all,
Harkheindzel Kenny O.


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